Getting Started Guide

Welcome to CalChamber's Getting Started Guide for the Harassment Prevention Training learning management system (LMS). Here, you'll learn how to add Learners to the system and assign training, as well as pull reports to track their progress through completion.

Please review the step-by-step instructions below on how to add and enroll your Learners. Make sure to keep your welcome email with the enrollment key (registration) links and CID number handy, and the LMS site open as you determine which option you'll choose to add and enroll Learners. Let's get started!

I want to:

  1. Have Learners Add and Enroll Themselves
    This is the quickest and most efficient way to get your Learners registered and enrolled. Simply include the enrollment key (registration) links you received in your welcome email to the sample email template below and send the course enrollment directions through your organization’s internal email system (i.e. Outlook).

    As your organization's Administrator, you will not be able to see the Learner or their course enrollment on the LMS reports until they have completed the enrollment process.


  1. Add and Enroll Multiple Learners
    As the Administrator, you can control how and when multiple Learners are added and enrolled if you don’t want to rely on employees enrolling themselves.

    The first option when adding multiple Learners is the best method for those organizations that want to include a DUE DATE with automated weekly reminder emails or have employees that may not have email addresses. Simply fill out an excel spreadsheet and upload it to CalChamber.

    The second way to enroll multiple Learners is best used for those Learners already in the system, via an email with enrollment instructions from within the LMS site.


  1. Add and Enroll an Individual Learner
    This option is best used for your organization as you hire one or two employees at a time (if you're adding multiple new Learners, please see the "Add and Enroll Multiple Learners" instructions above). There are two different ways to add and/or enroll individual Learners.

    The easiest way is to send an email from within the learning management system. Or, equally as effective but may take longer to complete, impersonating an existing Learner.


  1. Run a Report to view user's training history