Required Posters and Pamphlets

Have confidence that your employment postings and notices are current and meet all the federal and state requirements.

Required Posters

Purchase required posters through the CalChamber store:

For details on what our employment notices contain, view a chart of required posters.

Other helpful required posters forms:

Posters for Unique Situations

You may be required to display additional posters depending on local ordinances, such as local minimum wage ordinances, or if your workplace involves certain types of workers, equipment, or chemicals.

Wage Orders

Every California business is required to post where employees can see them:

  • The Wage Order(s) that apply to its operation; and
  • The Minimum Wage Order.​

View more about California Wage and Hour Laws.​​​

All California employers are required to distribute these pamphlets:

Pamphlet NameEmployers must provide toSourceVersion/Date
Paid Family LeaveNew employees and when leave of absence is taken for a covered reason.Employment Development Department (EDD)DE 2511/S
Rev. 13 (09/16)
State Disability InsuranceNew employees and when employees take a nonwork-related disability leave.Employment Development Department (EDD)DE 2515/S
Rev. 64 (10/16)
For Your Benefit: Unemployment InsuranceAny employee being terminated, laid off or given a leave of absenceEmployment Development Department (EDD)DE 2320/S
Rev. 60 (01/16)
Workers' CompensationNew employees with the following information:
  • Name of company's current compensation carrier
  • The location and telephone number of the nearest information and assistance officer
California Chamber of CommerceRevised for 2017
Sexual HarassmentNew employees. It is a good practice to provide a copy to each vendor and independent contractor associated with your company.California Chamber of CommerceRevised for 2017