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We scan major news sources* and compile selected articles to keep you up-to-date on​ current issues affecting California business - the economy, health care, environment, transportation and more.

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​Public Affairs / Politics

    The package’s enactment marks the second time in two years that Brown and lawmakers approved emergency legislation related to California’s ongoing drought.The Sacramento Bee

    With Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom termed out in 2018, seven current and former state legislators, including Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), have opened committees to raise money for possible campaigns for lieutenant governor.Los Angeles Times

    From his new perch in Washington, Ted Lieu has suffered through an East Coast winter and other confounding indignities of life as a freshman member of the House from the party out of power. No matter, he says; he learned from his predecessor, the 40-year member Henry Waxman, that influence will be marked in years and decades, not the three months Lieu has spent in the capital.Los Angeles Times

​Human Resources / Health & Safety

    The U.S. government next year plans to begin collecting more detailed data on antibiotics used on farms in a potential precursor to set targets for reduced use of the drugs in animals.Reuters

    A recent survey by private health insurance exchange EHealth highlights the pressure Americans are feeling. It found that more than 6 in 10 people say they're more worried about the financial effect of expensive medical emergencies and paying for healthcare than about funding retirement or covering their kids' education.Los Angeles Times


​​Environmental / Agriculture


​Infrastructure / Education

    The federal government is responsible for paying about $3 billion to complete several rural water projects around the country. The amount — expected to grow by the time the work is done — represents a fraction of the more than $600 billion needed to address the nation's water and wastewater needs over the next 20 years.The Associated Press

    Thomas, 55, is a Stanford University Dining employee. To get to and from Stanford, Thomas has to take a bike, a train and a bus. Monday through Friday, Thomas spends 16 hours away from home and treks a total commute of nearly six hours.KQED

    This is a transition year for the California State University’s Early Assessment Program, a decade-old early warning system that tells 11th-graders whether they are prepared for college-level work – and steps they should take if they’re not. Caught in the switch to a new test and new academic standards, more juniors may be told that they’re not yet ready.EdSource

​​Opinion / Editorial

    Politicians generally detest election reform, at least parties in power do. In California, it's Democrats. In Arizona, it's Republicans. No party has a monopoly on cleanliness. That's why we need the likes of Munger.George Skelton in the Los Angeles Times

    An effort by a newly announced coalition supporting California’s redistricting commission may run into some harsh political realities in its quest to keep current congressional lines in place if the United States Supreme Court throws out redistricting commissions in the Arizona State Legislature vs. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission case.Joel Fox in Fox and Hounds Daily

    One of the Capitol’s perpetual debates is over how much California spends to educate its 6.2 million elementary and high school students, especially in relationship to other states.Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee

    The fallout from the labor dispute at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports is still being felt, with cargo backlogged here and along the East Coast where shipments were diverted.Press-Telegram

    Last year, with support from more than two-thirds of the voters, Californians passed Proposition 1, the state water bond. This far-reaching measure allocated $2.7 billion for water storage projects to improve California’s water system and its natural environment to better prepare us for future devastating droughts, like the one we are experiencing now.Joe Byrne in The Sacramento Bee

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