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We scan major news sources* and compile selected articles to keep you up-to-date on​ current issues affecting California business - the economy, health care, environment, transportation and more.

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​Public Affairs / Politics

    SB 3, which also would have tied the state’s required hourly rate to inflation beginning in 2019, passed the Senate in June. It faced significant opposition from business groups, however, including the California Chamber of Commerce, which placed the bill high on its annual list of “job killers” that the powerful lobby argues would have a negative economic impact.The Sacramento Bee

    With the end of her tenure closing in at the end of 2016, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins is asking Democrats to hold off on voting for a new leader until next January.The Sacramento Bee

    Republicans in the California Senate have a new leader, two months earlier than expected. Senator Jean Fuller of Bakersfield was elected by her colleagues Senate Republican Leader Thursday morning.Capital Public Radio

​Human Resources / Health & Safety

    California’s state Assembly on Thursday approved legislation aimed at closing the wage gap between women and men through what proponents describe as the strongest equal pay protection in the nation. The measure won significant support from the California Chamber of Commerce and received bipartisan support.The Associated Press

    The EEO-1 survey deadline is September 30, 2015. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that the mailing of notification letters for the 2015 EEO-1 survey is complete.HR Watchdog

    The state Senate on Thursday approved six anti-tobacco bills, including measures that would raise the smoking age in California from 18 to 21 and bar electronic cigarettes from restaurants, movie theaters and other public places where smoking is banned.Los Angeles Times


​​Environmental / Agriculture

    Californians are letting their lawns turn brown. They are driving dusty cars and using buckets to collect shower water. They are saving billions of gallons of water every day.The Sacramento Bee

    Federal and California agencies have filed some of the first permit applications for a proposed project involving the construction of twin 30-mile tunnels to help carry water from the northern to southern and central regions of the state, officials said Thursday.The Associated Press

    The federal government plans to spend more than $200 million over the next three years on programs to protect greater sage grouse in Western states — regardless of whether the bird receives federal protections, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.The Associated Press


​Infrastructure / Education

​​Opinion / Editorial

    The final weeks of the legislative session have arrived, and that means it is silly season in the State Capitol. At this time of year, trial lawyers use every trick they have to expand litigation and make sure our state’s lawsuit system continues to mainly serve the interests of lawyers rather than ordinary people.Maryann Maloney in Fox and Hounds Daily

    In 1978, California voters passed Proposition 13 with nearly 65 percent of the vote, stopping out-of-control property tax increases and equally protecting all property owners. The landmark initiative established property valuation at its acquisition value, instituted a uniform 1 percent property tax rate and limited increases in assessed value to no more than 2 percent a year.Arthur Laffer in Newsweek

    California school districts were granted extraordinary flexibility in implementing a historic overhaul of public education finance to provide more help to “high-needs” poor and English-learner students.Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee

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