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We scan major news sources* and compile selected articles to keep you up-to-date on current issues affecting California business - the economy, health care, environment, transportation and more.

Top Story


    (April 24, 2014) A California Chamber of Commerce-sponsored job creator bill that will discourage frivolous litigation passed the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee yesterday with bipartisan support.

​Public Affairs / Politics

    Stone's bill is vehemently opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce, local chambers and more than two dozen trade groups, representing virtually every sector of the business community, ranging from the state apartment association to the retailers association. "We have some of the most complicated wage-and-hour laws in the country that create disputes between our labor agency and the courts," she said. "This would allow employees to determine when they are entitled to wages."Los Angeles Times

    After leaving the California Fair Political Practices Commission without a chairwoman for nearly six months, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday he has appointed the presiding judge of the State Bar Court of California to the post.The Sacramento Bee

    Los Angeles County is home to more than 26% of all Californians. But when it comes to running for statewide office, being from Los Angeles may be more of an obstacle than a political advantage.Capitol Weekly

​Human Resources / Health & Safety

    A bill that would allow nonexempt employees to negotiate an alternative work schedule of up to 10-hours a week without overtime died Wednesday in an Assembly labor committee.Sacramento Business Journal

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed rules on Thursday that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under 18, but would not restrict flavored products, online sales or advertising, which public health advocates say attract children.Reuters


​​Environmental / Agriculture


    U.S. President Barack Obama assured ally Japan on Thursday that Washington was committed to its defense, including of tiny isles at the heart of a row with China, but denied he had drawn any new "red line" and urged peaceful dialogue over the islands.Reuters

    As negotiators struggle, President Barack Obama is rejecting suggestions that an Asia-Pacific trade deal is in danger and says the U.S. and Japan must take bold steps to overcome differences that are threatening completion of the cornerstone of his strategic rebalance to the region.Associated Press

    German business confidence unexpectedly rose in April, signaling optimism that Europe’s largest economy will withstand risks from tension in Ukraine to price weakness in the euro area.Bloomberg

​Infrastructure / Education

    Two major changes in California's public education system - adoption of "Common Core" academic standards and giving extra money to school districts with large numbers of poor and/or English learner students - seem to have gained favor with the state's residents.The Sacramento Bee

    Among its 23 campuses, California State University has 12 water research institutes, with more than 250 faculty studying the issue, from drought patterns to groundwater storage, as well as students conducting extensive research in the field.Los Angeles Daily News

​​Opinion / Editorial

    California is blessed with two-thirds of the nation’s estimated shale oil reserves — 15.4 billion barrels of clean energy — so with an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent and chronic budget deficits, the state should be doing all it can to encourage new business development to create jobs and raise revenue. Unfortunately, the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water is determined to stop natural gas development before it even has a chance to get off the ground.Jason Stverak in the U-T San Diego

    When thinking of the industries and businesses that drive the economy and image of the Golden State, Hollywood, the Silicon Valley and Agriculture come immediately to mind, but looking at hard numbers, oil and gas exploration and production have to be included in this group. The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation conducted a study commissioned by the Western States Petroleum Association to analyze the oil and gas pillar of the state’s economy. Simply put, it’s big.Joel Fox in Fox and Hounds Daily

    The pact would unite 12 economies around the Pacific Rim in a zone largely free of tariffs on goods. It would clarify rules and loosen restrictions on trade in services and cross-border investment while bolstering protections for intellectual property.The Wall Street Journal

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