Job Killers


2015 Preliminary Job Killer List

The list is preliminary at this point because CalChamber expects to add more bills to the list in the coming weeks as legislation is amended. CalChamber will periodically release “job killer” watch updates as legislation changes.

Readers are encouraged to track the current status of the “job killer” list on or by following @CAJobKillers​ on Twitter.

2015 "Job Killer" Bills


Job Killers LogoEach year the California Chamber of Commerce releases a list of "job killer" bills to identify legislation that will decimate economic and job growth in California. The CalChamber tracks the bills throughout the rest of the legislative session and works to educate legislators about the serious consequences these bills will have on the state.

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06/05/2015 - CalChamber Stops Two More ‘Job Killers’ on Assembly Floor
06/04/2015 - Senate Passes Two ‘Job Killer' Bills; May Increase Fuel Costs, Regulatory Burdens
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05/26/2015 - CalChamber Urges Action on Bills Awaiting Assembly/Senate Votes
05/20/2015 - Costly Employee Retention Mandate ’Job Killer’ on the Assembly Floor
05/12/2015 - Assembly Health Committee to Hear Newest ‘Job Killer’ Bill Today
05/07/2015 - Assembly Labor and Employment Committee Passes Two ‘Job Killer’ Bills
05/05/2015 - Two ‘Job Killers’ in Assembly Labor and Employment Committee This Week
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05/01/2015 - Soda Warning Bill Fails in Senate Committee
04/29/2015 - Senate Committee to Consider ‘Job Killers’ Increasing Environmental Regulatory Burden; CalChamber Adds Bill to List
04/27/2015 - Assembly Policy Committee to Hear ‘Job Killers’ Limiting In-State Energy Development
04/23/2015 - Assembly Policy Committee Passes ‘Job Killer’ Bill Imposing Scheduling Mandate on Employers
04/22/2015 - Policy Committees to Consider Four ‘Job Killer’ Bills Today
04/20/2015 - Three ‘Job Killer’ Bills Face Committee Hearings Today; CalChamber Adds Another Bill to List
04/10/2015 - CalChamber Releases 2015 Preliminary Job Killer List
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03/24/2015 - Scheduling Mandate Bill a ‘Job Killer’ for Employers