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12/20/2011 - CalChamber Council: California Economy Slow, but Continues to Recover
12/13/2011 - IRS Announces 2012 Standard Mileage Rates
12/08/2011 - Proposed Initiative Undoes Prop. 13 Protections for Businesses
12/05/2011 - State UI Fund Debt Leads to Higher Federal Tax on Employers
10/28/2011 - Governor Releases State Employee Pension Reform Plan
10/26/2011 - IRS Offers Voluntary Settlement Program for Use of Independent Contractors
10/20/2011 - 5 CalChamber Members Among Top 500 of Inc. Fastest-Growing Companies List
10/10/2011 - Final Tally on Job Killer Bills: Governor Vetoes Four; Signs One into Law
10/07/2011 - Governor Signs Bill Requiring Economic Analysis of Regulations
10/03/2011 - Proposed CalPERS Policy Has Potential to Stifle Business Political Activity
09/27/2011 - Governor Vetoes Job Killer: Bill Threatened Higher Litigation Costs for Employers
09/23/2011 - U.S., California Economic Upturn Continues
09/14/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Bill Requiring Economic Analysis of Regulations Moves to Governor's Desk
09/12/2011 - 'Job Killer' Bills Awaiting Action by Governor
09/07/2011 - Assembly Committee to Consider Unconstitutional Tax on Sale of Motor and Diesel Fuel
09/06/2011 - Senate Key to Fate of Most ‘Job Killers’ in Closing Week of Legislative Session
08/25/2011 - CalChamber Opposes Workers Comp Bill Costing Employers 210 Million
08/18/2011 - CalChamber President Applauds Creation of Jobs Advisor Post
08/16/2011 - CalChamber Highlights 'Renew California' Economic Recovery Plan As Legislators Return to Capitol
08/15/2011 - 'CalChamber News' Focuses on Jobs and Economy
08/11/2011 - Court Refuses to Extend Favorable Class Action Ruling
08/01/2011 - Bills Inflating Legal Costs Await Action by Senate
07/27/2011 - 'Job Killer' Bills Still Alive in Closing Weeks of Session
07/26/2011 - Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Identity Theft Bill
07/25/2011 - CalChamber Reports on Status of Major Business Bills
07/19/2011 - U.S. Supreme Court Decision Offers Potential for Relief from Class Action Suits
07/08/2011 - Businesses Can Help Veterans Make Transition to Civilian Life
07/05/2011 - Amendments Remove Most Onerous Aspects of ‘Job Killer’ Bill
06/29/2011 - Legislature Passes Budget, Governor Vetoes Job Killer
06/28/2011 - IRS Announces Increase in 2011 Standard Mileage Rates
06/23/2011 - Federal Budget on an Unsustainable Path, Congressional Budget Office Report Finds
06/22/2011 - California Economic Signs: Getting Better
06/17/2011 - Governor Vetoes Budget; Seeks ‘Balanced Solution’
06/06/2011 - 'Job Killer' Bills Fail to Move
05/25/2011 - CalChamber Releases Annual Job Killer List
05/23/2011 - CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect Businesses Against Meritless Lawsuits
05/17/2011 - CalChamber Releases Statement on May Budget Revision
05/09/2011 - Local Governing Boards May Gain New Tax Authority
05/04/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Bill Protecting Business Transactions Passes Assembly Committee
04/28/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Bills Measure Regulations' Impact on Businesses
04/25/2011 - Anti-Business Proposals Rise Again in New Session
04/21/2011 - Financial Literacy Fund Bill Proceeds to Appropriations Committee
04/14/2011 - Inc. Magazine Taking Applications for Fastest-Growing Companies List
04/06/2011 - CalChamber Seeks Changes in Tax Credit Legislation
03/23/2011 - Upturn Continues: State Economy Shows Modest Signs of Improvement
03/22/2011 - Study Concludes Stalled Energy Projects Cost California Economy $59.1 Billion
03/18/2011 - CalChamber Releases 2011 Business Climate Study
01/21/2011 - President Obama Issues Executive Order to Improve Regulations for Businesses, Economic Growth

Environmental / Agriculture

12/15/2011 - Survey: Voters Say Invest in, Upgrade California Water Supply System
11/01/2011 - CalChamber News: Air Board Approves Hidden Tax That Will Drive Up Costs to Consumers
10/21/2011 - Air Resources Board Approves $2 Billion Tax on California Businesses
10/19/2011 - Strong Opposition from CalChamber, WATER Coalition Stops Unworkable Storm Water Rules
09/28/2011 - CalChamber Calls on CARB to Minimize Cost, Maximize Benefits for Economy in Cap and Trade Rules
09/21/2011 - Strong Opposition Keeps Ban on Foam Food Containers in Assembly
08/24/2011 - CalChamber-Opposed Bill Increases Tax on Electricity Ratepayers
08/10/2011 - Storm Water Permit Fee Hike Draft Rules: New Economic Liability for Employers
08/02/2011 - Ban on Foam Food Containers to Face Assembly Fiscal Committee Scrutiny
07/11/2011 - Climate Change Tax Increase Passes Committee
05/26/2011 - Vote Due on Job-Threatening Ban on Polystyrene Foam Food Containers
05/19/2011 - Coalition Urges Delta Stewardship Council to Draft a Plan, Not More Regulations
05/02/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Job Creator Bill in Committee Today
04/18/2011 - CalChamber-Backed Bill Streamlines Regulations
03/28/2011 - New Storm Water Requirements Raise Questions on Added Costs, Scientific Basis
03/11/2011 - Experts Say California Water Management in Dire Need of Long-Term Major Reforms
02/28/2011 - California to Match Federal Timeline for 'Clean Car' Standards
02/25/2011 - CalChamber Emphasizes Need for Business Certainty as State Develops Green Chemistry Program
02/24/2011 - California Supreme Court Wants More Evidence in Water ‘Fees’ Case
02/10/2011 - CalChamber, Agricultural Groups Question Delta Watermaster’s Report to State Board
01/20/2011 - New Prop. 65 Warning Labels May Be Needed for Certain Foods/Beverages
01/19/2011 - CalChamber Member Firms Make Top of Newsweek Green Companies List
01/12/2011 - Wet Season Raises Hopes of More Water as Reservoirs Exceed Time-of-Year Average

Human Resources / Health & Safety

12/23/2011 - Seminars on Leaves of Absence Laws Filling Up Fast
12/22/2011 - State High Court Delays Decision in Meal/Rest Case
12/21/2011 - San Francisco Employers Face New Notice Requirement
12/14/2011 - CalChamber Releases List of New Employment Laws Affecting Businesses in 2012
12/12/2011 - CalChamber Urges Small Business to Investigate Health Care Tax Credit for Small Employers
12/06/2011 - CalChamber: Take Care Not to Hurt Law-Abiding Businesses When Targeting Underground Economy
12/01/2011 - NLRB Advances Controversial Union Election Proposal
11/30/2011 - CalChamber Releases New Video On Controversial Poster Requirement
11/29/2011 - New HRCalifornia Website Launches Today
11/28/2011 - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deadline Just One Month Away
11/18/2011 - Overtime Exemption: New Minimum Pay for Certain Employees to Take Effect in 2012
11/16/2011 - CalChamber: Simplifying Workplace Rules Will Encourage Economic Growth
11/15/2011 - CalChamber to Comment on Impact of Unique State Laws on Workplace Flexibility, 21st Century Economy
11/14/2011 - CalChamber, State Agencies Warn of Misleading Solicitations
11/09/2011 - State High Court Hears Oral Arguments in Meal/Rest Case
11/07/2011 - CalChamber Employment Law Experts to Blog Live Reaction to Meal/Rest Oral Arguments
11/04/2011 - CalChamber to Offer Seminars on Labor/Employment Laws 2012
11/03/2011 - Coming Soon: The New HRCalifornia
11/02/2011 - CalChamber Urges Court to Clarify Legality of Rounding Timecard Entries
10/27/2011 - High Court Will Not Hear Workers’ Comp Case; Higher Costs to Businesses May Result
10/25/2011 - State High Court Sets Oral Arguments for Important Meal/Rest Breaks Case
10/11/2011 - Governor Acts to Protect Workers’ Compensation System
10/06/2011 - NLRB Moves Deadline for New Poster Requirement to January
09/30/2011 - New Union Rights Notice Mandate Faces Challenges in Court
09/26/2011 - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deadline Approaching
09/20/2011 - Mandate to Retain Predecessor’s Employees Fails to Pass Senate on Final Day of Session
09/15/2011 - CalChamber-Opposed Bill Brands Businesses with Scarlet Letter
09/13/2011 - National Labor Relations Board Requires New Union Rights Notice to Employees
09/08/2011 - Court Ruling on Cost-of-Living Adjustments Is Workers’ Comp Victory for Employers
09/02/2011 - CalChamber-Opposed Job Killer Held on Senate Floor
09/01/2011 - Cost-Saving Workers’ Comp Bills Await Senate Action
08/31/2011 - CalChamber to Offer Webinar on Determining Independent Contractor Status
08/26/2011 - Technical Problems Delay VETS 100 Reporting Deadline
08/23/2011 - Senate Fiscal Committee Passes Job Killer Mandate
08/17/2011 - 'Job Killer' Bill Banning Credit Report Use for Employment Passes Senate Fiscal Committee
08/12/2011 - County Veteran Service Offices Help Employers Connect with Veterans
08/08/2011 - Workers' Comp Cost-Increasing Bills Await Senate Action
08/05/2011 - Governor Signs CalChamber-Sponsored Leave Clarification Bill
07/22/2011 - Cities Can Ban Grocery Store Layoffs
07/18/2011 - Ban on Credit Report Use for Employment Heads to Fiscal Committee
07/13/2011 - CalChamber Reminds Business to Train Supervisors to Prevent Heat Illness
07/07/2011 - State Supreme Court Sides with Employers on Liability for Employee Actions
07/06/2011 - Costly Rate Regulation Bill Awaits Action
07/01/2011 - Non-Residents Entitled to Overtime for Work in California
06/30/2011 - CalChamber to Offer Webinar on Conducting Workplace Investigations
06/27/2011 - Ban on Credit Report Use for Employment Passes First Senate Policy Committee
06/21/2011 - Historic Supreme Court Ruling Throws Out Class Action Suit Against Wal-Mart
06/20/2011 - Costly Employee Retention Mandate Up In Senate Policy Committee Soon
06/13/2011 - Senate Policy Committee to Consider CalChamber-Opposed ‘Job Killer’ on Rate Regulation
06/08/2011 - CalChamber Coalition Opposing Elimination of CalOSHA Board
05/27/2011 - CalChamber to Offer Webinar on Conducting Employee Performance Evaluations
05/20/2011 - U.S. Department of Labor Launches Heat Illness Campaign
05/12/2011 - CalChamber Highlights Need for Flexibility in Setting Alternative Workweek Schedules
05/11/2011 - Marijuana Bill Very Similar to Voter-Rejected Prop. 19
05/10/2011 - CalChamber-Opposed ‘Card Check’ for Farm Workers On Assembly Floor
05/06/2011 - CalChamber Offers Webinars on Hiring, Heat Illness Rules
05/03/2011 - Senate Committee Passes Legislation Undermining Employers Rights
04/29/2011 - Assembly Committee Passes Sick Leave Mandate
04/20/2011 - Legislature to Consider Numerous Health Care Benefit Mandate Bills
04/12/2011 - CalChamber-Opposed Bill Mandates Sick Leave, Expands Employers’ Costs
04/11/2011 - CalChamber to Offer Webinar on Classifying Exempt Employees
04/08/2011 - Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Bill Removing State Tax on Health Care
04/07/2011 - U.S. Senate Passes Legislation to Repeal 1099 Measure in Health Care Reform Law
04/04/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Bill Helps Provide Certainty for California Employers
04/01/2011 - Bills Streamlining Workers' Comp Claims System Pass Assembly Insurance Committee
03/31/2011 - CalChamber Highlights Difficulties Marijuana Bill Creates for Employers
03/30/2011 - OSHA Seeks Employer Input on Adding 'Ergonomics' Column to Injury/Illness Logs
03/29/2011 - U.S. Department of Labor Seeks Comments on Improving Regulatory Processes
03/24/2011 - Bill Banning Use of Credit Reports for Employment Passes Assembly Committee
03/21/2011 - Heat Illness Prevention Network Seeks Data Updates
03/16/2011 - CalChamber Seeks Clarification on Asbestos Litigation
03/15/2011 - State ‘Card Check’ for Farm Workers Wins Approval from First Committee
03/08/2011 - Health Care Tax Law Fix Passes Assembly
03/03/2011 - California Supreme Court Denies Review of Working Conditions Case
02/23/2011 - Failure to Provide Meal and Rest Period Equals Two Violations
02/15/2011 - CalChamber Backs Fix for State Health Care Tax Law Glitch
02/14/2011 - Coalition Says Notice Rule Exceeds Agency’s Authority
02/11/2011 - CalChamber Announces Opposition to Medical Marijuana Bill
02/09/2011 - CalChamber Urges State Supreme Court to Review Working Conditions Case
02/03/2011 - Adult Child Health Coverage Has California Tax Implications
01/31/2011 - Bill Proposes Expansion of Family Leave Circumstances
01/26/2011 - CalChamber, Restaurant Association Partner to Offer HRCalifornia Express
01/24/2011 - OSHA Withdraws Controversial Interpretation of ‘Feasible’ Noise Controls
01/18/2011 - Seeking Member Input on Changes to OSHA Noise Standard Enforcement



11/10/2011 - Canada’s Consul General Speaks on Importance of New Oil Pipeline
11/08/2011 - Export Council Continues Support of National Export Initiative
10/24/2011 - President Signs CalChamber-Supported Free Trade Agreements
10/13/2011 - Congress Approves CalChamber-Supported Free Trade Agreements
10/05/2011 - President Sends Trade Agreements to Congress for Approval
09/29/2011 - International Delegates Conclude APEC Senior Officials' Meeting in San Francisco
09/09/2011 - APEC 2011: California Hosts Largest High-Level Diplomatic Meeting in 60 Years
08/30/2011 - U.S. Trade Representative Says Congress May Consider Free Trade Pacts Next Month
07/28/2011 - ‘Tall Ship’ Promotes Trade Between Chile and California
07/15/2011 - U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Closer to Passing
07/12/2011 - Bill Sets Stage to Improve Promotion of Trade with California
06/24/2011 - Luncheon Spotlights Strong Jobs/Economic Ties Between Japan, California
06/14/2011 - State Resolution Asking Congress to Approve U.S.- Korea FTA Fails to Pass Senate Committee
05/31/2011 - Resolution Supports U.S.-Korea Agreement to Create Jobs, Increase Trade
05/18/2011 - Guest Commentary: Trade Remains Economic Bright Spot
05/05/2011 - CalChamber Backs Pilot Program to Settle Cross-Border Trucking Dispute with Mexico
04/22/2011 - Profiles in Trade: USS-POSCO Credits 'Best Employees' for Customer Satisfaction, Quality Products
04/15/2011 - Chilean Ambassadors Highlight Partnership Opportunities at CalChamber Luncheon
04/13/2011 - Breakthrough in U.S.-Colombia Trade: Agreement on Labor, Judicial Reforms
04/05/2011 - Congressional Subcommittee Holds Hearing on U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement
03/10/2011 - CalChamber Hosts European Union Ambassador
02/08/2011 - CalChamber Reiterates Importance of Trade Agreements
01/25/2011 - CalChamber Urges Support for Trade Agreements

Public Affairs / Politics

12/19/2011 - CalChamber Announces New Policy Advocate
12/16/2011 - Small Business Advocate of the Year: Retired Long Beach City Manager Promotes Business Development
12/07/2011 - CalChamber Elects 2012 Board Officers
12/02/2011 - CalChamber Expands Legal Affairs Staff to Spearhead Court Battles
11/17/2011 - Impact of 2012 Elections on Business Focus of Public Affairs Retreat
11/11/2011 - CalChamber Co-Sponsors Hearings on California’s Civil Justice Crisis
10/31/2011 - CalChamber Issues Vote Record on Major Bills 2011
10/18/2011 - CalChamber: Proposed CalPERS Policy Will Stifle Business Political Activity
10/17/2011 - CalChamber News: 'Job Killer' Tag More Important Than Ever to Legislators and Governor
10/14/2011 - CalChamber Reports Final Status of Major Business Bills
10/12/2011 - Martin R. Wilson Joins CalChamber as Vice President of Public Affairs
10/04/2011 - CalChamber-Supported Bill Encouraging Efficiency in Civil Litigation Signed by Governor
09/22/2011 - Bill Increasing Employer Litigation Costs Voted Down by Senate
09/19/2011 - CalChamber Reports on Status of Major Business Bills at Interim Recess
09/16/2011 - Small Business Advocate of the Year: Veterinary Medicine Director Helps Chamber Fight for Local Business
08/29/2011 - CalChamber News: Why is the Legislature Fooling Around with Nonsense Bills?
08/19/2011 - Citizens Commission Adopts New Maps
08/03/2011 - Governor Preserves Checks and Balances on Legislative Branch
07/29/2011 - Small Business Advocate of the Year: Tech Firm Owner Keeps Business Message Before Lawmakers
06/16/2011 - CalChamber Urges Businesses to Comment on Draft Redistricting Maps
06/15/2011 - Statewide Coalition Vows Referendum of Massive Tax Legislation
06/10/2011 - Draft Redistricting Maps to Be Released Today
06/09/2011 - Matt Fong, Former California State Treasurer Passes Away
06/07/2011 - Four Receive CalChamber Small Business Advocate of the Year Award
06/03/2011 - Political Pollster and Communications Expert Provides Insights on Effective Communication
06/02/2011 - Governor Brown, CalChamber Board Chair Speak at Annual Host Breakfast
05/13/2011 - Tax Targeting California Oil Production Awaiting Vote in Assembly
04/27/2011 - CalChamber Names New Policy Analyst to Focus On Energy, Housing/Land Use Issues
04/26/2011 - Governor Jerry Brown, CalChamber Chair to Speak at Host Breakfast
04/19/2011 - CalChamber Urges Business to Comment on Redrawing of State’s Political Districts
03/25/2011 - CalChamber Business Summit Registration Now Available
03/17/2011 - Punitive Damages Protection for Business Fails to Pass Assembly Committee
03/14/2011 - Chevron CEO to Speak at CalChamber Business Summit
03/09/2011 - Communications Expert/Pollster to Speak at CalChamber Business Summit
03/07/2011 - Governor Names New State Labor Commissioner
03/04/2011 - Little Hoover Report Underscores Depth of Public Pension Fund Crisis
03/02/2011 - Supreme Court Weakens Voter-Approved Protection Against Frivolous Lawsuits
03/01/2011 - CalChamber Hosts Discussion on Impacts of Top Two Primary System
02/18/2011 - Finance Consultant/Community Leader Helps Keep Jobs in Long Beach
02/02/2011 - Governor Brown Pushes Budget Proposal
01/28/2011 - Citizen Panel Eyes State Regulatory Process
01/27/2011 - President Calls for Bipartisanship to Create Jobs
01/14/2011 - Finance Director: Governor Proposing Historic Lows in General Fund Spending, Revenues
01/13/2011 - Senate Releases Committee Chair Assignments for 2011-12 Session
01/11/2011 - Governor Brown Proposes 2011–12 Budget
01/10/2011 - Insurance Commissioner Orders Emergency Health Care Regulation
01/07/2011 - Proposed Federal Rule Requires Notifying Employees of Right to Unionize
01/06/2011 - Assembly Leadership for 2011–12 Session
01/05/2011 - Report Labels Los Angeles, Humboldt Counties as ‘Judicial Hellholes’
01/04/2011 - Jerry Brown Sworn In As Governor
01/03/2011 - Assembly Releases Committee Assignments for 2010-11 Session