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Employee Handbook Creator

Creating and maintaining a well-crafted employee handbook that complies with state and federal laws helps protect California employers from lawsuits. Think of it as a user manual for the workplace that clearly communicates policies and sets expectations.

Employee Handbook Creator is a new online tool you easily access from your PC/Mac desktop or tablet through a yearly subscription.

Employee Handbook Creator guides you through every step of what is usually a complicated HR task. No more software to install and update. Who knew creating an employee handbook could be so easy?

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Own our 2013 product?
We've replaced our Employee Handbook Software product. Call (800) 331-8877 to get a year's subscription to Employee Handbook Creator for the update price of $99.99. (English & Spanish Kit: $178.98)

An employee handbook is one of the best ways to avoid misunderstandings and ensure fair, consistent treatment of employees. Creating a handbook that complies with California and federal laws helps protect your business from lawsuits.

Use CalChamber’s new Employee Handbook Creator tool to clearly communicate company policies and set expectations in an employee handbook you create online. The online tool is both Windows and Mac compatible, plus you can conveniently access it from your desktop or tablet.

Subscribe to Employee Handbook Creator separately for the English or Spanish version. Save $50 when you order them both as a kit. (Instructions, explanations, navigation and the wizard are in English for both versions.) Your subscription is good for one year from when your access starts.

Note: While you can access content for your handbook online anytime, the handbook itself is not stored online. So it’s important to export and save all handbook versions you create. If you ever make updates to your handbook through Employee Handbook Creator (including changes resulting from updated policy notifications), the new version replaces the previous version online.

  • Access the Employee Handbook Creator online tool from desktop or tablet (PC/Mac compatible).
  • Wizard simplifies building your handbook and identifying mandatory policies. 
  • Answer the wizard's series of comprehensive questions to determine what you need and want in your handbook.
  • (Option) Print a copy of the wizard questions and your answers.
  • Helpful explanations clarify wizard policies.
  • Stop and start anytime (progress tracked).
  • Help menu includes FAQs and How To's.
  • Customize handbook with your logo and company-specific content. 
  • Copy and paste company-specific text from a previous handbook.
  • Export your completed handbook as a PDF or RTF and then print the file from your own printer. 
  • Alert indicates employment law or regulation changes affecting your handbook (Receive email notification.). 
  • Revise online and export a new handbook to your PC or Mac at any time.

Purchase Employee Handbook Creator separately in English or Spanish. Save $50 when you order both as a kit. Instructions, explanations, navigation and the wizard are in English for both versions.

Number of Subscriptions Online Members & Nonmembers Executive & Preferred Members
1-4 $249.99 each (regular price)

Always save 20% at a price of $199.99 for each subscription.

5-9 $237.49 each — Save 5%
10-14 $224.99 each — Save 10%
15+ $212.49 each — Save 15%
  1. Why doesn’t Employee Handbook Creator have English and Spanish languages within the same tool?

    To lower your cost, we offer English and Spanish versions separately so you can subscribe to the version you need. (Instructions, explanations, navigation and the wizard are in English for both versions of Employee Handbook Creator online tool.) Save $50 if you subscribe to a kit with both versions.

  2. Why would I need a Spanish version of the handbook?

    California has a large Spanish-speaking workforce, so communicating your policies to employees is important. In some cases, such as anti-harassment policies, the failure to communicate the policy in the language that your employees speak may increase your risk of liability in the event of a lawsuit. An employee handbook gives you the best opportunity to clearly communicate your company policies and help protect yourself from unlawful termination suits.

  3.  If I have an existing policy or want to add information to a policy in the online tool, will it translate it into Spanish?

    No. However, if you are a CalChamber member, you’re eligible for a free initial consultation and a 15 percent discount on translation from SpanishOne, made available through our business partner service.

  4. What if I need more than one handbook?

    If you would like to add a new handbook for a different company, you will need to buy another subscription. If you need subscriptions for multiple companies, call (800) 331-8877 for a quantity discount.

  5. Can I post it to our intranet?


  6. Can I personalize it with our company logo?


  7. Do you have technical support if I need assistance?

    Yes. You can call (800) 700-4044 or email techsupport@calchamber.com.

  8. Am I required to have an employee handbook?

    California does not require employers to have a handbook. However, if you create a handbook, there are policies that must be included.

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