Why Do You Need A Cintas Document Management Program?

For the same reason you lock your file cabinets, use secure Internet servers, and lock your doors at night. Document Management keeps information out of the wrong hands. Our services provide the utmost security by helping to protect businesses from identity theft, corporate lawsuits, fines, and government penalties.

Adhere to Government Compliance

HIPAA, GLBA and other strict government regulations require certain businesses to properly dispose of confidential materials.

Reduce Corporate Risks

Companies expose themselves to lawsuits, hefty fines, and penalties when they do not take the appropriate measures to protect confidential information.

Protect Your Competitive Advantage

Protect your research, marketing strategies, customer information, e-mails and trade secrets from the competition ... it could end up in the wrong hands, damaging your business reputation, result in embarrassing press or hurt your current and future customer base.

Prevent Identity Theft

Prevent your company, employees, and customers from one of the fastest growing white collar crimes.


Outsourcing your document destruction and storage program to Cintas keeps your employees focused on their core responsibilities and jobs.

Reprinted courtesy of Cintas.