Overall, the flu has been estimated to cause more than 75 million lost working days in the U.S. each year, contributing to $16.3 billion in lost earnings.

Additionally, if employees try to come to work when they have the flu, their performance is seriously affected. Studies show that workers with the flu demonstrate impaired performance of simple reaction-time tasks by 20%-40%, which can increase the probability of error or injury. Providing employees with an annual flu vaccination in the workplace during flu season is an effective way to combat these problems. On-site programs provide an important public service and generate savings of between $15 and $84 per vaccinated person, or $2.58 per dollar spent on vaccination. That’s a possible savings of up to $4,000 for every averted illness.

A vaccinated workforce is also healthier. They experience:

  • 13%-44% fewer doctor visits;
  • 18%-45% fewer lost work days; and
  • 18%-28% fewer days with reduced productivity.

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