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Company Information

Company Name HR Solutions Partners, Inc.
Address 464 Monterey Avenue, Suite E
Los Gatos, CA 95030
Telephone 888-774-1117 x707
Fax 408-354-9370
Website Address
Geographical Areas Northern California, Central Coast, Bay Area

HR Solutions Partners provides clients with a full array of human resources consulting, outsourcing and recruiting and staffing services. Clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their services are specifically designed to help clients manage their employee and employment related issues while controlling costs, reducing workloads, and educating and training managers and employees.

Company Profile

Mission Statement
HRSPI delivers value - where value is measured by results.

With every client, HR Solutions Partners pursue a long-lasting relationship based on trust and respect. Their standards and practices are centered on guiding principles of integrity and excellence.

Company Description
HR Solutions Partners, Inc. is a professional services firm that provides clients with organizational support and services in the areas of Human Resources Administration, Enterprise Resource Planning, and On Demand Solutions.

Companies choose to work with HRSPI because of their well-earned reputation for delivering value. They deliver value by forming a genuine partnership with their clients, by providing strategic leadership, by supplying senior level expertise, and by delivering proven and trustworthy solutions to satisfy their client requirements.

HR Solutions Partners' clients call on HRSPI to help solve strategic and tactical challenges. HRSPI is unique among professional services firms by virtue of recognizing process improvements to the most important factor of all - your Human Capital.

Company Background
HR Solutions Partners, Inc. was formed in 2001 to provide national and international professional services and support to companies based in Northern California. The HR Solutions Partners management team is comprised of well-known and respected business professionals in the Silicon Valley who have united as HR Solutions Partners to create, support and manage work environments.

The HR Solutions Partners team is comprised of people who have joined the HRSPI team to flourish and have fun in a fulfilling work environment - while always delivering value measured by results to our clients.

Key Contact Information

Name: Donna DeGrande
Areas of Expertise: Human Resources and Organizational Development
Donna DeGrande is a Managing Partner for the HR Professional Services Practice of  HR Solutions Partners, Inc. (SPI). Donna has 25+ years of experience human resources and organizational development working in a number of diverse organizations, including high technology, manufacturing, public and private sector, and service industries. Former companies where she held executive and management positions include Willis, PRIMARY Worldwide, FutureNext, Core Technology, VTA, the County of Santa Clara, Kaiser and Ford Motor Company with responsibility for workforces up to 14,000 employees. Donna also previously built a successful independent Silicon Valley management and consulting practice. She is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and has served as a member of several local boards.