Corporation Counseling Service

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Company Name Corporation Counseling Service
Address 459 West 208th Street, Suite 201, Torrance, CA 90501
Telephone 310-734-4222
Fax 310-618-9730
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Geographical Areas All 50 States

Corporation Counseling Service is an unemployment cost control firm serving employers nationwide. The outcome of our services is reduced benefit charges, increased tax credits, savings in unemployment taxes and lower administrative costs.

Company Profile

Mission Statement
For over 50 years, Corporation Counseling Service (CCS) has served employers nationwide. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for the employer in each employment situation. Our professional staff has years of experience in unemployment claim management and tax matters. If there is a way to affect a beneficial outcome for the employer, our staff knows about it. Employers start and stay with CCS because of the service and the results. SERVICE is our priority.

Unemployment management is costly, as administrative staff wages and benefits continue to increase. In addition, claim processing errors or omissions and undetected state charge errors result in unnecessary charges, all of which can cost employers thousands of dollars annually. CCS reduces these costs and improves employer profitability through three primary services:

Claim Processing & Management - CCS fully manages all unemployment claims on behalf of the employer.

Reserve Account Administration - CCS assures that there are no unwarranted or erroneous charges to your reserve account and that you have the lowest possible tax rate.

Consultation & Information - Our information services assist clients in making informed decisions, which can prevent costly claims.

Company Background
Incorporated in 1956, Corporation Counseling Service (CCS) began by serving employers in the Los Angeles, CA area. As the business grew, offices were added in Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego. Today CCS serves employers with operations nationwide from its administrative headquarters in Torrance, CA. The client list includes companies from startups to those with thousands of employees, and from single locations to multiple locations nationwide. With every client,CCS provides friendly, competent, and affordable service. That's the reason that we have so many long term clients.

Key Contact Information

Name: Edward C. Laski
Certifications Earned: BBA, MBA in Finance, Insurance Broker, Real Estate Broker
Areas of Expertise: Unemployment Cost Control, Taxation
Fluent Language(s): English
Edward C. Laski, the President and CEO of Corporation Counseling Service holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a concentration in Personnel and Industrial Relations from Texas Christian University and a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Eastern New Mexico University. He is also a graduate of the Savings and Loan Graduate School of Indiana University. Having spent 35 years in senior level executive positions within the banking industry, Mr. Laski offers clients insightful solutions to managing their unemployment insurance costs and minimizing the associated costs.