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Our HR Advisers are a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals supporting California employers on labor, employment and human resources issues. View Bios ›

Erika Frank, Vice President, Legal Affairs, and General CounselJoined CalChamber in April 2004 as a policy advocate and general counsel, leveraging her 10 years of legal, governmental and legislative experience. Named vice president of legal affairs in 2009, she is CalChamber's subject matter expert on California and federal employment law. Erika oversees and contributes to CalChamber's labor law and human resources compliance publications; co-produces and presents webinars and seminars; and heads the Labor Law Helpline. J.D. McGeorge School of Law.
Jessica Hawthorne, Senior Employment Law Counsel and Helpline ManagerRejoined CalChamber in January 2014, where she previously served as employment law counsel from 2006 to 2009. In addition to managing and serving as a consultant for the Labor Law Helpline, Jessica uses her employment law knowledge and expertise to produce, write, edit and conduct webinars, seminars and online events, as well as contribute to CalChamber publications. She returned to CalChamber from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), where she was internal counsel for four years. J.D. Widener University School of Law.
Barbara Wilber, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2005 and currently serves as an HR Adviser. Prior to joining CalChamber, Barbara served as a Deputy Labor Commissioner and Hearing Officer with the Labor Commissioner in the California Department of Industrial Relations. Her 24 years of experience includes settlement conferences, wage claim determinations and resolving employee disputes brought to the office of the Labor Commissioner.
Mel Davis, Cal/OSHA AdviserJoined CalChamber in 2000 as a Cal/OSHA Adviser specializing in Cal/OSHA and safety-related matters. Mel worked for Cal/OSHA for more than 23 years as a Principal Safety Engineer and Construction Safety Engineer. His responsibilities included managing the technical staff responsible for the development and revisions of California's Safety and Health regulations, evaluating requests for variances from regulations and conducting complaint and accident investigations at all types of construction sites.
Michelle Galbraith, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2007 as an HR Adviser. Prior to joining CalChamber, Michelle defended employers on discrimination and sexual harassment issues, as well as advised employers on wage and hour laws, ERISA and workers' compensation benefits. She is the author of articles on various topics for current CalChamber publications. J.D. University of California, Berkeley.
Gary Hermann, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2004 as an HR Adviser. Gary previously worked for the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for 26 years as a Hearing Officer, Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner and Regional Manager. His experience included processing wage claims, conducting investigations, staff development training and supervising 100 employees in nine district offices. J.D. University of Oregon.
Sunny Lee, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 1995 and is currently an HR Adviser. Prior to joining CalChamber, Sunny represented employers in state and federal court and before governmental agencies. She has extensive dispute resolution experience, having served as a court mediator in harassment cases, employment disputes and business litigation. She has trained employers and conducted audits of employment practices. J.D. McGeorge School of Law.
Dana Leisinger, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2000 and currently serves as an HR Adviser. Dana has advised employers on matters such as employment law, wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and wage and hour issues. She has conducted seminars and training and guided employers through various levels of governmental investigations. J.D. McGeorge School of Law.
David Leporiere, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2014 and currently serves as an HR Adviser. Specializing in employment and labor law on behalf of businesses and business owners, David has also provided training for employers on a wide variety of employment related topics, including discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, and leave laws and regulations. J.D. University of California, Davis.
Ed Levine, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 1998 and currently serves as an HR Adviser. Ed is a former Senior Investigator and Hearing Officer with the Office of the Labor Commissioner in the California Department of Industrial Relations. His 26 years of service with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement included investigation and resolution of disputes brought to the Labor Commissioner, conducting hearings and settlement conferences and providing training to employers on wage and hour issues.
Ellen Savage, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 1990 and currently serves as an HR Adviser. Ellen has been assisting employers on the Helpline for almost 15 years. She was the editor of eight editions of the California Labor Law Digest and author of the Chamber's California Hiring to Termination Guide. Ellen's experience also includes practicing at a large Sacramento law firm and presenting at dozens of employment law seminars statewide. J.D. Lincoln Law School.
Erika Pickles, HR Adviser Joined CalChamber in 2015 as an HR Adviser/Employment Law Counsel. She previously represented employers in California and federal employment law litigation, class actions, and private arbitration involving a range of workplace-related issues, including wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination claims. She also investigated and responded to administrative claims before state and federal agencies, and conducted employment law training seminars. J.D. University of San Francisco School of Law.
The Labor Law Helpline is exclusively for Preferred and Executive members and may only be used to assist members with matters related to their own employees.

The Helpline is not a legal service, and Helpline Advisers do not provide legal representation or legal advice to members. The Helpline Advisers will recommend that you consult with your own legal counsel when appropriate.
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