Heat Illness

Exposure to conditions of extreme heat and high humidity can subject employees to physical conditions that can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. This section describes those conditions and the environmental and personal factors that create risk to employees. All California outdoor workplaces are subject to the heat illness standard. Other places of outdoor employment are subject to both the standard and special high-heat procedures.​

  • Heat Illness Overview

    Heat Illness OverviewThe heat illness standards apply to all outdoor places of employment.  More »

  • Providing Water

    Providing WaterYou must provide employees with free, ready access to fresh, pure, cold, potable drinking water.  More »

  • Providing Shade

    Providing ShadeShade must be present when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit.   More »

  • Implementing High-Heat Procedures

    Implementing High-Heat ProceduresEmployers must implement high-heat procedures when the temperature equals or exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  More »

  • Emergency Response Procedures

    Emergency Response ProceduresUnder the Cal/OSHA revisions, employers are required to implement effective emergency response procedures.  More »

  • Acclimatization

    AcclimatizationAccording to Cal/OSHA guidance, employees are more likely to develop heat illness if they don't take it easy when a heat wave strikes or when starting a job that newly exposes them to heat.  More »

  • Training Employees on Heat Illness

    Training Employees on Heat IllnessYou must provide employee training before an employee or supervisor begins outdoor work.  More »

  • Documenting Heat Illness Prevention Procedures

    Documenting Heat Illness Prevention ProceduresYou must compile and maintain written procedures for the following areas related to heat illness.   More »

  • Recognizing Conditions That Create Heat Illness

    Recognizing Conditions That Create Heat IllnessEmployees' exposure to high air temperature and relative humidity, radiant heat from the sun and other heat sources cause medical conditions that lead to the stages of heat illness.  More »

  • Recognizing Symptoms of Heat Illness

    Recognizing Symptoms of Heat IllnessHeat illness occurs when the body's temperature control system cannot maintain an acceptable temperature.   More »