Employee Protection from Workers' Compensation Discrimination

Labor Code section 132a prohibits an employer from discharging, threatening or discriminating in any way against an employee because he/she received an award from, filed or intends to file a workers’ compensation claim.​​​

  • Employee Protection from Discrimination Overview

    Employee Protection from Discrimination OverviewDo not take any adverse action against an employee who received an award from, filed or will file a workers' compensation claim without considering the possibility of a discrimination or retaliation claim.  More »

  • Disability Discrimination Laws and Workers’ Compensation

    Disability Discrimination Laws and Workers’ CompensationAn employee who is a qualified person with a disability under the ADA or FEHA has rights to reinstatement to an existing, modified or alternative job if he/she can perform the job's essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation.   More »

  • Employees Can Sue for Discrimination

    Employees Can Sue for DiscriminationThe Labor Code states that workers' compensation is an employee's exclusive remedy for an injury and does not allow an employee to file a civil lawsuit.   More »