Covered Injuries

This section discusses the types of injuries covered by workers’ compensation.​

  • Covered Injuries Overview

    Covered Injuries OverviewYou must provide compensation when the following happens.  More »

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  • Types of Injuries Covered

    Types of Injuries CoveredWorkers' compensation covers injuries regardless of the level of medical care necessary.  More »

  • Exclusive Remedy for Workplace Injuries

    Exclusive Remedy for Workplace InjuriesEmployees also cannot sue their employers for co-workers’ inappropriate workplace behavior that leads to a workers’ compensation injury.  More »

  • Exclusions From Workers' Compensation Coverage

    Exclusions From Workers' Compensation CoverageIn some cases, an employee could be disqualified from receiving workers' compensation benefits even if the employee was injured on the job.  More »

  • Employee Injuries While Commuting

    Employee Injuries While CommutingEmployees are not covered by workers" compensation while "going and coming" to and from work unless specific circumstances apply.  More »

  • Aggravation of a Previous Injury or Illness

    Aggravation of a Previous Injury or IllnessYou may be responsible under workers’ compensation for an injury to an employee.  More »

  • Injuries at Home

    Injuries at HomeUnder certain circumstances, workers' compensation may cover injuries incurred outside the workplace, even in an employee's home.   More »

  • Injuries Caused by Employee Misconduct

    Injuries Caused by Employee MisconductLabor Code sections 4551 and 4552 provide for a 50 percent reduction in benefits if the WCAB finds that the employee's serious and willful misconduct caused the injury.   More »

  • Injuries Caused by Employer Misconduct

    Injuries Caused by Employer MisconductLabor Code sections 4553 and 4553.1 provide for a 50 percent increase in benefits, together with costs and expenses not to exceed $250, in situations where the employee is injured by serious and willful misconduct.   More »

  • Workers’ Compensation Exceptions for Emergency Personnel

    Workers’ Compensation Exceptions for Emergency PersonnelPresumptive medical apportionment assigns a percentage of a work-related injury to the work itself and the remaining percentage to outside factors.  More »

  • Multiple Injuries and Apportionment

    Multiple Injuries and ApportionmentA California Supreme Court ruling confirms the proper calculation of a workers' compensation permanent disability award for employees who suffer multiple injuries.  More »

  • Death Benefits

    Death BenefitsWhere the death of an employee results from an industrial injury, death benefits are payable to the qualifying dependents.  More »

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