Union Security Agreements

The NLRA permits, under certain conditions, a union and an employer to make a union-security agreement, which requires employees to make certain payments to the union to retain their jobs. ​

  • Union Security Agreements Overview

    Union Security Agreements OverviewA union-security agreement cannot require that applicants for employment be members of the union to be hired, and the agreement cannot require employees to actually join or maintain membership in the union to retain their jobs.  More »

  • Building and Construction Industry Exception

    Building and Construction Industry ExceptionA union-security agreement that provides a shorter grace period than the law allows is invalid, and any employee discharged because he/she did not comply with such an agreement is entitled to reinstatement.   More »

  • Religious Objections to Union-Security Agreements

    Religious Objections to Union-Security AgreementsUnder a union-security agreement, certain employees with religious objections to becoming members of a union or to supporting a union financially may be exempt from paying union dues and initiation fees.   More »

  • Construction Industry Pre-Hire Union-Security Agreements

    Construction Industry Pre-Hire Union-Security AgreementsThe NLRA’s Section 8(f) allows employers engaged primarily in the building and construction industry to sign a union-security agreement with a union without the union being designated as the representative of its employees.  More »