Recruiting Employees

This section explains how to properly recruit employees, find candidates, and effectively and legally interview potential employees. These guidelines will help you follow recruitment best pracices and comply with California and federal law.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Finding Candidates

    Finding CandidatesAfter you clearly identify the job and the qualities you seek in candidates, youcan market the position. As with all marketing campaigns, the goal should be to get the best return on your investment.   More »

  • Advertising the Job

    Advertising the JobThere are many ways to advertise and recruit in your search for qualified candidates.  More »

  • Applications for Employment

    Applications for EmploymentEmployment applications help you evaluate a candidate’s experience, skills, training and limitations. Though resumes are helpful tools, they often do not contain the range of information that a standardized employment application can reveal.   More »

  • Interviewing Candidates

    Interviewing CandidatesAny question prohibited on a job application is prohibited in an interview.  More »

  • Good Selection Practices

    Good Selection PracticesExamine your selection, evaluation, retention and training procedures, to exercise reasonable care in determining a candidate's fitness for employment and continuation of employment.  More »

HRCalifornia's HR Library features resources and forms and checklists that will help you recruit talent for your company's available positions.