Job Descriptions

Before recruiting employees, you should understand and identify the job to be performed. Without this information, the recruiter or supervisor wastes time and money during the recruiting process. Selecting a candidate who is ill-equipped for the job may require you to provide more training or result in the new employee’s failure in the job. ​

  • Why You Need Job Descriptions

    Why You Need Job DescriptionsJob descriptions clearly set forth job duties and expectations by the following.  More »

  • Job Title

    Job TitleThe job title is the name you use to identify the job.  More »

  • Job Summary

    Job SummarySimilar to the job title, you may want to wait until you have written the rest of the job description before you write the job summary.  More »

  • Essential Job Functions

    Essential Job FunctionsWhen considering candidates, you may be required to consider qualified people with disabilities for job openings and promotions.  More »

  • Preparing the Job Specification

    Preparing the Job SpecificationAfter the job description is completed, prepare a job specification. This is a modified version of the job description that omits the detail about the job.   More »

The HR Library features helpful resources and content to show employers how to write an informative and effective job description for new positions within an organization.

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