Social Media

People use technology for personal and business reasons at an unprecedented rate, and with that comes challenges for employers. Information that was once broadcast by word or written media is now instantly broadcast around the world, to the detriment of some employers and employees.

As an employer, you may want to use social media — such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — to advertise or market products and services or to check out potential candidates. However, the use of social media can cause problems in the workplace and comes with certain restrictions. These workplace issues may include:

  • Protected conduct
  • Hiring problems
  • Privacy concerns
  • Harassment
  • Discipline/termination

  • Restricted Access to Personal Social Media Accounts

    Restricted Access to Personal Social Media AccountsEmployers are prohibited under California law from requiring or requesting applicants or employees to disclose information regarding their personal social media accounts.  More »

  • Using Social Media as a Hiring Tool

    Using Social Media as a Hiring ToolMore and more employers make hiring decisions based on what they find online.  More »

  • Social Media and Employee Discipline

    Social Media and Employee DisciplineEmployees often talk about work after hours.  More »

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  • Social Media and Employer Policies

    Social Media and Employer PoliciesEmployers who wish to protect their business from problems associated with social media should create clear electronic media policies. These policies should include a discussion regarding social media use and should be part of an employee handbook.  More »

  • Company Social Media Accounts

    Company Social Media AccountsMany companies have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or a blog to engage current customers and reach out to new ones.  More »