Monitoring Employees

Concern over inventory loss, customer service, drug and alcohol abuse, misuse of company facilities and equipment and illegal activity on company premises created an increasing desire to conduct surveillance in the workplace. New technologies replace the one-way mirror and the surveillance station of days past, but also prompt employee privacy concerns.​

  • Establishing Company Property and Privacy Policies

    Establishing Company Property and Privacy PoliciesA property and privacy policy will help avoid claims that you committed an invasion of privacy by searching the property.  More »

  • Shopping Investigations

    Shopping InvestigationsYou can hire “shopping investigators” to test employees’ integrity and review sales techniques and service.   More »

  • Electronic Surveillance

    Electronic SurveillanceConsult with counsel before using cameras to electronically monitor employee activities.   More »

  • Property Searches

    Property SearchesCalifornia courts have not defined the extent of an employee’s right to privacy in the area of employer-owned property used exclusively by the employee.  More »

  • Telephone, Voice Mail and Email Monitoring

    Telephone, Voice Mail and Email MonitoringThe incredible expansion of information technology in the workplace over the last several years opened a Pandora’s box of legal issues for employers.  More »

  • Computers and Privacy

    Computers and PrivacyYou have the right to monitor Internet access and examine any content on a computer used by an employee if you supply the computer.  More »