Accessing Employee Information

Employees and some government agencies have the right to access certain records in certain circumstances.​​

  • Access to Personnel Files

    Access to Personnel FilesEmployees must have access to their own personnel files while employed and after terminating employment   More »

  • Access to Payroll Files

    Access to Payroll FilesYou must maintain comprehensive payroll records.  More »

  • Government Agencies and Access to Records

    Government Agencies and Access to RecordsYou must give the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) and duly authorized representatives of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) access to records and workplaces to enforce provisions of IWC orders.   More »

  • Civil Action Subpoena of Records

    Civil Action Subpoena of RecordsIn most civil actions, a subpoena for employment records must contain an affidavit stating that the employee received notice of the subpoena.  More »

  • Service of Subpoenas on Employers

    Service of Subpoenas on EmployersState and federal laws require parties in legal disputes to ensure that certain legal documents, such as subpoenas to testify as a witness or legal judgments against a party, are personally delivered.  More »

  • Child Support Laws and Employee Records

    Child Support Laws and Employee RecordsThe California Department of Child Support Services and your local child support agency are responsible for collecting child support payments.  More »