Pregnancy Disability Leave

This section explains employer obligations to employees who are eligible for pregnancy disability leave only and provides a series of tasks to follow when an employee requests PDL or you become aware of the need for leave. This section does not apply to leaves also covered by family and medical leave laws.​

  • Pregnancy Disability Leave Overview

    Pregnancy Disability Leave OverviewEmployers with more than 50 employees and with employees eligible for state or federal family and medical leave, should follow the steps outlined in Family Medical and Sick Leave when administering leaves related to pregnancy.   More »

  • PDL Requirements

    PDL RequirementsIf you employ five or more full-time or part-time employees, you must make pregnancy disability leave (PDL) available to your employees.   More »

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  • Pregnancy Disability Leave Notice Requirements

    Pregnancy Disability Leave Notice RequirementsState law requires employers to post specific notices for employees explaining their right to leave for pregnancy disability.   More »

    ​Read about a new 2016 agency action.
  • Providing Reasonable Accommodation and Transfers

    Providing Reasonable Accommodation and TransfersA reasonable accommodation may be required when an employee is affected by pregnancy and needs a change in the work environment or job duties to enable her to perform the essential functions of her job.   More »

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  • Pay and Benefits During Pregnancy Disability Leave

    Pay and Benefits During Pregnancy Disability LeavePDL generally is not paid leave. You are not required to pay an employee on PDL unless you pay for other temporary disability leaves.   More »

  • Returning to Work After PDL

    Returning to Work After PDLWhen you grant an employee’s request for pregnancy, disability leave (PDL), you must guarantee to reinstate the employee to the same position or to a comparable position in some circumstances.  More »

  • Pregnancy Discrimination

    Pregnancy DiscriminationIt is unlawful to discriminate against or harass employees because of pregnancy.  More »

  • Penalties for Failing to Comply with Pregnancy Disability Leave Laws

    Penalties for Failing to Comply with Pregnancy Disability Leave LawsAn employee who is discriminated against because of her pregnancy may be entitled to any or all of the following remedies.  More »

  • Employees Expressing Breast Milk at Work

    Employees Expressing Breast Milk at WorkCalifornia law requires you to reasonably accommodate employees who want to express breast milk at work.  More »