Other Leaves

Many employers establish policies that create leaves of absence for other purposes. Employers recognize that employees need to deal with normal life events. Policies for optional leave help employers respond to those needs in a consistent and predictable manner. The following sections describe the most typical leaves that are not mandated by law. ​

  • Extended Disability Leave

    Extended Disability LeaveState and federal law mandate disability leave for pregnancy disability, family and medical leave, and as a reasonable accommodation for a recognized disability.   More »

  • Bereavement Leave

    Bereavement LeaveBereavement leave is time off for an employee when a death occurs in his/her family.   More »

  • Personal Leaves of Absence

    Personal Leaves of AbsenceYou need not provide time off for employees who want to take leaves of absence for personal reasons.  More »

  • Unpaid Personal Leave

    Unpaid Personal LeaveEmployers who are not covered by family medical leave laws or who want to provide time off for other reasons can choose to grant unpaid personal leave.   More »

  • Education Leave

    Education LeaveTo encourage employees to seek more education, you might want to offer a period of time off for education purposes.  More »

  • Sabbaticals

    SabbaticalsA sabbatical is usually associated with academia; specifically, with professors who have long tenure with a college or university.   More »