Examples of Accommodations

The term “reasonable accommodation” includes, but is not limited to:1

  • Providing personal assistants or attendants to help a qualified individual with a disability perform an essential job function
  • Making existing job facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by disabled individuals (this may include providing accessible breakrooms or restrooms, or reserving parking spaces)
  • Job restructuring
  • Part-time or modified work schedules
  • Reassignment to a vacant position for which the individual is qualified
  • Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices
  • Modifying examinations, training materials or policies
  • Providing assistive aids such as qualified readers or interpreters
  • An unpaid extension of a paid or unpaid leave
  • Allowing employees to bring assistive animals to the worksite
  • Changing supervisory methods (e.g., dividing complex tasks into smaller parts)
  • Providing additional training
  • Permitting an alteration of when and/or how an essential function is performed
  • Providing an adjustment or modification of examinations, training materials or policies
  • Modifying an employer policy
  • Working from home

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