Documentation of Disability

When a disability or the need for an accommodation is not known or obvious, you can ask an employee for reasonable documentation about his/her disability and its functional limitatio​ns that require reasonable accommodation.

California’s disability regulations provide detailed guidance on documentation requirements under California law. Reasonable medical documentation states that an employee has a physical or mental condition that limits a major life activity, and describes why the employee or applicant needs an accommodation to have an equal opportunity to:

  • Participate in the application process or be considered for the job,
  • Perform job duties, or
  • Enjoy benefits and privileges of employment equal to non-disabled employees.

  • Sufficient Documentation

    Sufficient DocumentationDisclosure of the nature of the disability is not required. Employers may not ask for unrelated documentation, such as an employee’s complete medical records.  More »

  • Physician's Examination

    Physician's ExaminationYou can require an employee to visit an appropriate health care professional of your choice under certain conditions.   More »

  • Confidentiality of Medical Records

    Confidentiality of Medical RecordsMedical information that employers obtain in the interactive process shall be maintained on separate forms and in medical files separate from the employee’s personnel file, and must be kept confidential.  More »