Disability Claims, Enforcement and Penalties

In addition to disability discrimination claims, individuals can bring claims for failure to accommodate, harassment, retaliation and intimidation under the ADA. This section provides some court cases to illustrate the different claims.​​​

  • Failure to Accommodate Claims

    Failure to Accommodate ClaimsFailure to reasonably accommodate an employee is unlawful.  More »

    ​Read about new 2016 legislation. 
  • Disability Harassment Claims

    Disability Harassment ClaimsAn employee who experiences workplace harassment because of a disability can file a claim under the ADA.  More »

  • Disability Retaliation and Interference Claims

    Disability Retaliation and Interference ClaimsThe ADA prohibits discrimination against an individual because he/she opposed a practice that the ADA prohibits or because he/she made a charge, testified, assisted, or participated in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing under the ADA.  More »

  • Disability Association Claims

    Disability Association ClaimsThe ADA includes an "association provision" that prohibits employers from denying equal jobs or benefits to a qualified individual because a third-party with whom the individual has a relationship or association has a disability.   More »

  • ADA and FEHA Remedies and Enforcement

    ADA and FEHA Remedies and EnforcementThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administers the ADA. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing administers the FEHA.   More »