April 16, 2015


Outdoor Workplaces? New Heat Illness Regulations Effective May 1

Changes to California’s heat illness prevention standard will take effect on May 1, in time for this year’s growing season and warmer summer weather. The Office of Administrative Law approved the changes and granted the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board’s request for the accelerated effective date of May 1.

Cal/OSHA is urging employers with outdoor workers to prepare for high heat now. Data from the National Climatic Data Center shows that 2014 was the hottest calendar year on record in California since 1895.

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Verifying Electronic Signatures on Employment Documents

Electronic signatures can have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures in many circumstances. Using electronic signatures may make it simpler for employers to deal with certain administrative tasks.

But a ruling from a recent case makes it clear that employers should take certain steps to make sure that any employment-related documents electronically signed by employees pass legal muster. The case involved an arbitration agreement that the employer claimed the employee signed electronically.

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