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Tech Support

Software Installation Error Messages

Employee Handbook Error Messages

Disk Full or Corrupt Media Error
If you get an error message containing the words "Disk full, Corrupt Media or unable to write to various .ini files," when installing the software, it means that you do not have install rights to your computer. Contact your system administrator for assistance with installing the application.

Error Code 5
If, while updating your software via the Internet, you see the error message, "An error occurred while trying to replace an existing file; File delete failed; Error code 5;" it means you have the installed software open and the required file replacement cannot be accomplished with the file in use. Close the handbook application, click on the retry button and the installation will complete successfully. If you no longer have the software update page open, you can access it from this link.

Labor Law Digest Error Messages

Acrobat Reader Error Message
When you launch Labor Law Digest software, if you get any type of error message regarding an inability to start or locate Acrobat Reader and you have Reader installed on your system, you need to contact Tech Support at (800) 700-4044 to correct this problem. The causes for this problem are many; Tech Support is the best and fastest method of eliminating this issue. Do not remove and reinstall either product. This will not solve most issues with Adobe.

Download Adobe Reader.