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Tech Support

Software Unlocking Code

Unlocking codes are provided when you order software. There are several ways to obtain unlocking codes:

  1. When ordering from the online store, the unlocking code(s) and the link to download the software are listed on the order receipt page and on the confirmation e-mail. You may download immediately after ordering your software, or come back to the store at any time and get your unlocking code from Your Account; look under Order Details. This is a good option if you want the software immediately.
  2. When you receive your CD in the mail, you will find the unlocking code on the product sleeve.
  3. Call Customer Service or Technical Support at 800-331-8877.
Remember, if you ordered from our online store, your unlocking code is on your order confirmation. You may also look it up under Your Account by going to any of the Order Management links and looking under Order Details.