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If you lose your unlocking code, go to Your Account and find your code in Order History Details or call Tech Support at (800) 700-4044.


Employee Handbook Creator is CalChamber's online tool that replaced the Employee Handbook Software. You easily access from your PC/Mac desktop or tablet through a yearly subscription. No more software to install and update. If you have purchased a subscription, click here to access Employee Handbook Creator. Sign in using your CalChamber username and password. Once you accept the Terms of Use, and select Continue from the Welcome page, the system will navigate to the Your Handbooks page.


2016 Labor Law Digest Software - Version 2016.6.1 *Please note: Use of this product requires Adobe's Integrated Runtime (AIR). If you do not currently have AIR installed on this system, one will be installed automatically for you. If you prefer, you may also download and install AIR manually before installing this software.

When you order software from the California Chamber of Commerce Web site, you may download it immediately. A download link and software unlocking code are provided on both your store receipt and order confirmation e-mail. Software downloaded from our Web site is always the latest version available.

Previous Software Releases (at bottom):

Download Adobe Reader to use the forms. We recommend the latest available Reader version.

Download Instructions

Step 1

Click on the software product download link. Choose either run or save from the download window. Run will install the software with no extra files remaining on your computer. Save will download and save the install file to your computer; You will need to run this file after download to complete software installation.

Step 2

If you picked save from the download menu, locate the file you just downloaded. Double-click on the file to start the installation.

Step 3

Follow the installation instructions on your screen.

Hardware/Software Requirements

All of our software products require a Windows compatible PC with Pentium processor; Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows Vista or Windows 7; Super VGA monitor with a color palette set at 256 colors or better; and Adobe Reader 8 or later (Adobe Reader is only required for Labor Law Digest).

What's an Unlocking Code?

An unlocking code is an authorization key that you receive when you purchase one of the software products that are available here for download. You will be asked to enter that code when you start a software product. The unlocking code is given in your store order receipt and your e-mail order confirmation. If you ordered your software on the store site, you can go to Your Account and within your order details, you can locate your unlocking code.

Adobe Reader

Labor Law Digest requires Acrobat Reader to download and fill in forms. Acrobat Reader is a free product distributed by Adobe. If you already have Reader installed on your system, no action is required. If you do not have Reader installed, click on the Adobe link to download and install it.

Note: Labor Law Digest will not work with either Acrobat Standard or Professional.

Previous Releases of Software Products


2015 California Labor Law Digest Software
Version 2015.01.07 Click Here to Register.


If you need to reinstall the 2013 version of the Employee Handbook Software, you can download from the links below. If you lose your unlocking code, go to Your Account and find your code in Order History Details or call Tech Support at (800) 700-4044.

2013 Employee Handbook Software
Version 2013.00.01 English (.exe file)
Version 2013.00.02 Spanish (.exe file)

2013 California Labor Law Digest Software
Version 2013.00.00 (.exe file)

We highly recommend you use the latest release of our software. In case you need to reinstall a previous release of our software, contact Technical Support at (800) 700-4044.