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Working with Forms

All documents found on in .pdf format require version 5.0 of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you do not have version 5.0, it can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the Forms & Checklists page. It may also be downloaded directly from the Adobe Web site.

Working With Forms

There are four types of forms within the software:

Editable/Fill-in Forms:

  • Double click in a field and fill in the form
  • Unprotect the form by clicking the UnProtect button on the Form Editor Toolbar and customize it
  • Save the new form under MyForms folder in the Forms List
  • Editable forms are saved in RTF format

Fill-in Forms:

  • Forms can't be edited or saved, but they can beĀ filled out online and printed
  • Fill-in forms are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

View Only Forms:

  • Forms contain information for reference
  • No fields to fill in
  • Forms are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Sample Forms:

  • Prefiled forms to give examples of how they can be used
  • Forms are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Editing Forms in a Word Processor

The editable forms can be modified in the built-in form editor. Although the forms are editable in a RTF format, it is not recommend to edit them outside the software. Doing so may cause the forms to not open with the software.

Accessing the Header and Footer Areas to Add Personalized Company Information

  • Open the form to be edited
  • Click on the Padlock icon to unlock the form
  • Click on forms on main toolbar and pick show headers/footers from the drop-down menu
  • Edit as necessary
  • Click on the Padlock icon to relock the form
  • Save the form to the MyForms directory (rename if desired before saving)