Political Action


There’s a reason the Wall Street Journal dubbed California Chamber President Allan Zaremberg “coalition man.” For decades, the CalChamber has effectively built support around pro-business candidates and initiatives. Our members trust us to pave the way for a healthy business environment. We do this through our powerful political action committees and ballot initiative campaigns.

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The CalChamber co-chairs this employer-based PAC, which meets during the election year to interview candidates and review the progress of their campaigns. JobsPAC has won bipartisan approval for its efforts to support pro-business candidates running in open legislative seats.


Formed in 1995, ChamberPAC is a bipartisan political action committee that has historically supported business-friendly incumbent legislators and makes recommendations to the CalChamber Board on primary candidate endorsements. Contribute to help elect pro-jobs legislators who support improving the business climate for the employer community.

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When the legislative process fails, pro-business and anti-business forces turn to the initiative process to take proposals directly to California voters. The CalChamber has backed initiatives to enact tax relief and tort reform, successfully challenged split roll property tax proposals and defeated security litigation.

We will continue to lead efforts to fight anti-business proposals, including those that threaten to increase taxes, health care expenses and frivolous lawsuits.

Pending Ballot Measures


The California Business Political Action Committee (CalBusPAC) was established in 1976 to qualify, support and/or oppose statewide ballot initiatives. Contributions to CalBusPAC will aid California employers in preparing for future ballot battles.

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