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Upcoming Ballot Measures

 Upcoming Ballot Measures (Updated 3/21/14)

The website of the Secretary of State contains more information on these and other pending initiatives, as well as measures in circulation and measures that have qualified for the ballot.

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CalChamber Positions on November 6, 2012, General Election Initiatives

Proposition 30:  Temporary Taxes to Fund Education.  Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding.  — No Position

Proposition 31:  State Budget, State and Local Government.  — Support

Proposition 32: Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction.  Contributions to Candidates — No Position

Proposition 33:  Auto Insurance Companies.  Prices Based on Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage.  — No Position

Proposition 34:  Death Penalty.  — No Position

Proposition 35:  Human Trafficking.  Penalties — No Position

Proposition 36:  Three Strikes Law.  Repeat Felony Offenders.  Penalties.  — No Position

Proposition 37:  Genetically Engineered Foods.  Labeling — Oppose

Proposition 38:  Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs — Oppose

Proposition 39:  Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses.  Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding.  — Oppose

Proposition 40:  Redistricting.  State Senate Districts. (Referendum) — Support

CalChamber Special Report: November 2012 Ballot Measures (PDF - Updated 9/21/12)

CalChamber Announces Positions on Proposed Initiatives

The California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has announced its positions on proposed initiatives dealing with taxes, health care and genetically engineered food. (3/12/12)

Voters Agree with CalChamber Positions on June Ballot Measures

Voters Pass Term Limits Reform, Reject Flawed Tobacco Tax (Top Story 6/6/12)

Proposition 28: Limits on Legislators' Terms in Office - Support

Proposition 29: Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research - Oppose

June Ballot Measures: Special Report (4/20/12)

CalChamber Announces Positions on June Ballot Measures (Top Story 3/19/12)

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Employee Communications

Informing your employees and stockholders about the impact of proposed state legislation, regulations and ballot measures is within your rights as a business owner. Just remember to do it the right way.

California Prosperity Project

California Prosperity Project:
a non-partisan effort to provide greater education and awareness about candidates and their positions on issues important to California businesses, their employees and their families

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