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California's Cap-and-Trade Program is Key to Gov. Jerry Brown's Agenda
It's an open question how long the money will last, however. A lawsuit by the California Chamber of Commerce calls the program an illegal tax. A state judge rejected that assertion in 2013, but an appeal is pending. Loren Kaye, president of the California Foundation for Commerce and Education, a think tank affiliated with the Chamber, was asked for an opinion on how Brown is using the revenue. "We don't really have an opinion on how he's spent the money," he said, "because we don't think he should have the money in the first place." (Los Angeles Times 05/15/15)

Assembly Committee Rejects Another Soda Tax Bill​
The Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday rejected the latest effort by health groups to impose taxes on sugar-flavored soft drinks and other beverages to fight what was described as an epidemic of diabetes. (The Sacramento Bee 05/12/15)

Workers’ Comp Bill Sparks New Battle in California​
Whatever the reasons for labor’s flip, the California Chamber of Commerce has tagged SB 563 as a “job killer,” saying it “undermines the entire medical treatment review process.” (Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee 05/11/15)​

Another View: There’s No Time to Waste on Gov. Brown’s Delta Plan
There’s no time to waste. We need to move forward with the governor’s plan to secure our limited water supply now and into the future. (Allan Zaremberg and Robbie Hunter in The Sacramento Bee​ 05/05/15)

California Gov. Brown Orders Major Cut in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
“As California continues its leadership role in addressing climate change, costs on business and impacts on jobs and ​competitiveness cannot be ignored,” said Allan Zaremberg, president and chief executive of the California Chamber of Commerce. (The Wall Street Journal 04/29/15)

California Senate Duel Will Affect Jjob Killer’ Bills​
Seasonal rituals abound in the state Capitol and one, publication of the California Chamber of Commerce’s annual list of “job killer” bills, is anticipated with both glee and dread. (Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee 04/29/15) ​

Good Bills Are Focus of CalChamber Job Creator List​
Since 2008, CalChamber has been identifying bills that will improve the state’s job climate and stimulate our economy.  We put them on our annual “Job Creator” list hoping to put a spotlight on proposals that will encourage investment in our economy. Denise Davis in Fox and Hounds Daily 04/27/15)​

Cal Chamber of Commerce Makes 'Job Creator' Bill List​
The California Chamber of Commerce is focusing on these lesser known "job creators," which they say help to create more jobs than they take away. The list is less known than the Chamber of Commerce's "job killer" list of bills which they say do more harm than good.(KGO 04/27/15)

Enhanced Driver License to Reduce Border Wait Times​
The state Legislature has so far shown bipartisan agreement on a California Chamber of Commerce-supported bill to create an enhanced driver license, making cross-border travel easier. (Fresno Business Journal 04/21/15)​

The Numbers Crunch: Let’s Accentuate the Positive on Jobs Legislation
Every year, the California Chamber of Commerce puts out its hit list of “job killer” bills. After each legislative session wraps up, it brags about how many it buried. Both pronouncements get plenty of publicity. Who knew the chamber also sends forth a list of “job creator” bills it supports? (The Sacramento Bee 04/18/15)​

CalChamber Plans Another Successful Year of Defeating “Job Killer” Bills​
Sacramento’s been taking care of business. Last week, the California Chamber of Commerce, known simply as CalChamber, announced a preliminary draft of its “job killer” bills, an annual list of proposed legislation that will hurt the state’s business community and economic competitiveness. (CalWatchDog 04/14/15)​

CalChamber Releases 2015 Preliminary Job Killer List​
The California Chamber of Commerce yesterday released a preliminary list of “job killer” bills to call attention to the negative impact that 16 proposed measures would have on California’s job climate and economic recovery, should they become law. (Allan Zaremberg in Fox and Hounds Daily  04/10/15)​

Beware Sacramento's Job-Killer Bills
“First do no harm,” admonishes the Hippocratic Oath. That’s also a good prescription for the California economy. That’s why we urge the California Legislature to reject the 16 harmful bills on the California Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Preliminary Job Killer List, released Friday. (The Press-Enterprise 04/10/15)

CalChamber Targets Minimum Wage Increase, Employee Scheduling Bills as 'Job Killers’ ​
The California Chamber of Commerce released its annual list of “job killer” legislation this week, highlighting bills that the powerful business lobby argues will have a negative economic impact for the state. (The Sacramento Bee 4/10/15

California Considers Stricter Carbon Standards​
California is already working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. But a bill approved by a state Senate committee today would set some new goals to be met by 2030. The California Chamber of Commerce calls the bill a job killer. (Capital Public Radio 04/07/15)

Unions, CalChamber Square Off Over Bill Requiring Notice for Shift Changes​
Assembly Bill 357 is a job killer, writes the California Chamber of Commerce, as it “fails to consider the reality of business demands, fluctuation in customer attendance, or even the expansive list of California-only protected leaves of absence that employers must adhere to.” (Sacramento Business Journal 04/06/15)

California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth
Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, rejected the idea that the drought and the state’s response to it would prompt industries to move away or stop adding jobs. “The rest of the economy is managing it, learning how to deal with it,” he said. (The New York Times 04/04/15)

Committee Passes Double Holiday Pay Bill
Chamber representative Jennifer Barrera, who also has a law degree, told the committee, “We believe this is a violation of the First Amendment for a lot of business owners who do not recognize Christmas as a holiday, much less as a family holiday, where they will be mandated to either shut down their business or pay their employees double compensation.” (CalWatchDog 03/30/15)

While surveys of business executives still rank California as one of the worst places to do business, the record on job creation has been bright in the Golden State over the last year. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that California led the nation over a twelve-month period ending January 31 creating 498,000 jobs. Part of the credit for this success goes to the California Chamber of Commerce’s effort to rally against bills that would hinder job creation and hurt the economy. (Joel Fox in Fox and Hounds Daily 03/24/15)​

Are Some Companies Labeling Their Products Toxic by Mistake?​
Assembly Bill 543 would allow companies to pay for scientific analysis of a product to see whether it qualifies as hazardous under Proposition 65. The legislation is cast as a good-government reform bill to help companies comply with the law, and is supported by a long list of business groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Retailers Association. (Sacramento Business Journal 03/16/15)​

Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Congressional Districts in California​
In California, the state commission’s first effort at redistricting “resulted in the fairest and most competitive elections in California history,” Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said in January. He joined former Govs. George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, all Republicans, in a brief that urges the court to uphold the independent commissions. (Los Angeles Times 03/01/15)

U.S. Supreme Court Should Uphold Redistricting by Citizens’ Commission​
Now the Arizona State Legislature is suing to invalidate the congressional maps, arguing that “the people at large” had no authority to create an independent commission with the power to draw district lines. It posits the Constitution gives that power exclusively to the legislature. If this view is accepted by the court, there may be repercussions far beyond merely Arizona and California. That’s why we joined with three former governors of California and the California Chamber of Commerce in filing an amicus brief with the court in this case. (Bill Mundell and Charles T. Munger, Jr. in the Los Angeles Daily News 02/26/15)

Arizona Redistricting Fight has Big Implications for California
"It's more than a camel nose under the tent," says Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, which also signed the brief. "No question, it would be an opportunity for someone to raise the issue of unconstitutionality and come after legislative redistricting." (Los Angeles Times 01/28/15)

A Gerrymandering Comeback in California … via Arizona?
Several months of quiet whispers have quickly turned into a resounding buzz — and a nervous buzz, no less — about a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court that questions whether it’s constitutional for independent state commissions to have the sole power to draw political district maps. “The Arizona litigation,” said California Chamber of Commerce President Allan Zaremberg, “jeopardizes the will of the California electorate and its embrace of fair redistricting and competitive elections.” (KQED 01/27/15)

3 Former California Governors Back Independent Redistricting
The brief asserts that the Constitution allows voters to use the initiative process -- as they did in California and Arizona -- to delegate the redistricting power to an independent panel. “The lines drawn by California's Citizens Redistricting Commission have resulted in the fairest and most competitive elections in California history,” said CalChamber President and CEO Allan Zaremberg in a statement. He added that the "Arizona litigation jeopardizes the will of the California electorate and its embrace of fair redistricting and competitive elections." (Los Angeles Times 01/26/15)​

Trade Groups Urge Longshore Workers, Bosses to Resolve Issues at Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles
The California Chamber of Commerce was among the dozens of trade associations that signed Friday’s letter. “The ports are such a large economic driver in the state; it touches all sectors that affect job and revenue growth,” said Jeremy Merz, Cal Chamber’s policy advocate for transportation and infrastructure issues. “Making sure our ports operate at a high level is critical.” (Long Beach Press Telegram 01/16/15)​

New Workplace Laws: Employer Health Care Mandate, Rules for Contractors and a Medi-Cal 'List of Shame'
In its legislative roundup, the California Chamber of Commerce noted that of 27 major bills it opposed – which it dubbed “job-killers” – only two passed: the temp worker bill, sponsored by the Teamsters, and a measure making it easier for consumers to file lawsuits despite having signed arbitration agreements. (The Orange County Register 01/12/15)​

State Adds More Than 30 Employment Laws, Including Sick Leave
More than 30 state employment laws take effect this year, according to an annual list put out by the California Chamber of Commerce. (San Francisco Chronicle 01/13/15)​


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