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Chamber of Commerce Targets 'Job Killer' Bills
"The economic recovery is still the No. 1 issue for Californians," said Allan Zaremberg, the chamber president. "These bills pose a serious threat to our economy and, if enacted, would dampen job growth." (Los Angeles Times 04/13/14)

California Chamber Targets 26 Bills as 'Job Killers'
The list is about a third shorter than those of the past, but inclusion of a measure is more than a symbolic gesture. The chamber, often in concert with other business groups, has been remarkably successful in past years in getting nearly all bills with that label either killed in the Legislature, significantly watered down or vetoed. (The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert 04/09/14)

State Chamber Lists Job-Killer Bills
The bills, which range from a paid sick-leave mandate to an oil extraction tax, would each place excessive burdens on businesses in the state, the chamber said. (Los Angeles Business Journal 03/09/14)

California Oil Extraction Tax a Bad Idea
We must make protecting California jobs, the state's fragile economy and our way of life top priorities. An oil extraction tax will drive up consumer prices, push jobs away and upset a fragile economy that is showing strong signs of life. (Allan Zaremberg in the San Francisco Chronicle 03/11/14)

Long-Serving Cal State University Trustee Dies
Hauck used his experience in the public and private sector as a platform to promote better public policy, said California Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Allan Zaremberg, a friend and close associate of Hauck's for many years. "He had a passion to improve and make government work better for everybody," Zaremberg said. "No place was that more evident than his dedication to improving the California Sate University system and have it deliver the best product and best value for students." (Los Angeles Times 03/11/14)

2014 Looking Tough For Employers: Calif. Chamber GC
California employers are facing an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment that adds to their compliance burden and raises the likelihood that they will, at some point, face litigation, the California Chamber of Commerce’s general counsel told Law360 in an interview Monday. (Law360 03/04/14)

How Businesses Can Defend Against Cyber Risks
“Prevention is the best medicine. Not only does the guide provide useful information to reduce the threat of cybercrime, it highlights the need to be proactive in preventing data breaches. This is good for California businesses and consumers,” Allan Zaremberg, CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, said in the news release. The Chamber helped produce the report. (Sacramento Business Journal 02/27/14)

State Sen. Evans Proposes Oil Extraction Tax for California
“We just raised California taxes by $7 billion a year for seven years. We now have a projected $5-billion surplus,” Zaremberg said in a statement. “To create a new tax on oil only extracted in California will drive up the price of California oil, which constitutes about 40% of the California gasoline market. “ (Los Angeles Times 02/19/14)

Hong Kong Trade Commissioner Makes Sacramento Pitch
Hong Kong has become “an ideal showroom for…American companies to raise the profile of their goods to an increasingly affluent and brand-conscience Mainland middle-class,” said Leung during a luncheon hosted jointly by the California Chamber of Commerce and San Francisco’s Hong Kong trade office. (Sacramento Business Journal 02/17/14)

Justice Delayed: The High Cost of Court Cuts
Delays affect both employees and employers, said Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce. (Sacramento Business Journal 01/17/14)

Obama Names L.A.'s Maria Contreras-Sweet to Head SBA
Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said Contreras-Sweet "has a lot of experience in both government and the private sector about what it takes to make a business succeed." (Los Angeles Times 01/15/14)










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