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Legislation Can Quickly Turn Into Laws

Alert, published weekly during the legislative session by the California Chamber of Commerce, keeps you up-to-date on laws being proposed that could have a serious impact on employers and the job climate in California.

Each issue includes the Labor Law Corner, written by CalChamber HR or Cal/OSHA advisers, and covers CalChamber events and activities, including Public Affairs Council retreats, international forums, and visits from government officials, lawmakers, political candidates and foreign dignitaries.

Periodically, issues include special reports on the economy, ballot propositions, the status of major bills for business and more. Each year, the CalChamber publishes a record of legislators' votes on priority business issues.

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More Employer Liability When Contracting for Labor; California Newspapers Endorse Propositions 1, 2; Guest Commentary; Labor Law Corner
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Video Highlights Reasons to Support Propositions 1 and 2; CalChamber Webinar to Explain New Requirements Under Sick Leave Law; Commentary: Yes on Proposition 2; CalChamber Vote Record; Labor Law Corner
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CalChamber-Opposed Bills Get Signatures, Win Vetoes; Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Education Bills; November Ballot Propositions; Final Status Report on Major Bills; Labor Law Corner
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CalChamber Supports Propositions 1 and 2; CalChamber Opposes Propositions 45, 46, 47; 2014 Fall Public Affairs Conference; Special Report-Economic Advisory Council; Cal/OSHA Corner
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Call for Veto of ‘Job Killer’ Imposing New Liabilities; Lead Co-Counsel Recaps Teacher Tenure Case; Canada-Top U.S. Trade Partner Also No. 1 Market; Status Update Report; Labor Law Corner

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