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Legislation Can Quickly Turn Into Laws

Alert, published weekly during the legislative session by the California Chamber of Commerce, keeps you up-to-date on laws being proposed that could have a serious impact on employers and the job climate in California.

Each issue includes the Labor Law Corner, written by CalChamber HR or Cal/OSHA advisers, and covers CalChamber events and activities, including Public Affairs Council retreats, international forums, and visits from government officials, lawmakers, political candidates and foreign dignitaries.

Periodically, issues include special reports on the economy, ballot propositions, the status of major bills for business and more. Each year, the CalChamber publishes a record of legislators' votes on priority business issues.

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Pro-Jobs, Education Reform Candidate Wins Senate Race; CalChamber Urges Action on Bills Awaiting Votes; Independent Expenditure Candidate Campaigns; World Trade Month Commentary; Labor Law Corner
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Governor Holds Steady on Prudent Spending Plan; Disability Access/Education Bill Passes Senate Committees; ARB Asks Courts to Create New Tax; Governor Names CalChamber VP to International Trade Advisory Council; Labor Law Corner
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Some Job Creator Bills Survive First Deadline; New Tax Targeting Sweetened Beverages Threatens Jobs; Forum Highlights Mexico/California Trade; Bill Undermining Workers’ Comp Reforms Awaits Consideration on Senate Floor; Labor Law Corner
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‘Job Killer’ Bills Limit In-State Energy Efforts; Proposal to Expedite Housing Projects Fails to Pass; Scheduling Mandate on Employers Passes Assembly Labor/Employment Committee; Cuba Policy Trip; Labor Law Corner
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CalChamber Releases 2015 Job Creator List; Committee OKs Job Creator Bill Improving Disability Access; Roadway Repair Projects Gain Support; CalChamber Urges Quick Passage of Bipartisan U.S. Bill Promoting Trade; Cal/OSHA Corner


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