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12/02/2011  -  CalChamber Expands Legal Affairs Staff to Spearhead Court Battles
11/02/2011  -  CalChamber Urges Court to Clarify Legality of Rounding Timecard Entries
10/27/2011  -  High Court Will Not Hear Workers’ Comp Case; Higher Costs to Businesses May Result
09/08/2011  -  Court Ruling on Cost-of-Living Adjustments Is Workers’ Comp Victory for Employers
07/07/2011  -  State Supreme Court Sides with Employers on Liability for Employee Actions
03/16/2011  -  CalChamber Seeks Clarification on Asbestos Litigation


11/15/2010  -  Court Rules Employers Need Not Ensure Employees Take Breaks
10/04/2010  -  Court of Appeal Issues Disappointing Ruling on Workers’ Compensation Case
05/27/2010  -  State Supreme Court to Review Employer Liability for Employee Actions
04/01/2010  -  State Supreme Court to Review Cost of Living Allowance in Workers’ Comp Cases
03/22/2010  -  CalChamber Continues Fight to Support Science-Based Prop. 65 Chemical Listings
03/04/2010  -  Court Upholds Governor’s Line Item Veto Power
01/22/2010  -  Expedited Jury Trial Option Available Soon in California
01/20/2010  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect California-Based Businesses from Class Action Lawsuits
01/13/2010  -  CalChamber Sues State to Return Beverage Recycling Funds to Program
01/06/2010  -  CalChamber Files Briefs to Protect Workers’ Comp Reform


10/08/2009  -  CalChamber Files Brief Supporting Governor’s Authority to Help Control State Spending
10/05/2009  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect Businesses from Frivolous Lawsuits
08/26/2009  -  CalChamber Appeals to State High Court to Help Resolve Meal Period Rules
08/19/2009  -  Prop. 65 List: CalChamber Fights for Scientific Process
07/10/2009  -  State Supreme Court Rules to Protect Businesses From Abusive Lawsuits
06/25/2009  -  CalChamber Urges State Supreme Court to Protect Businesses Against Shakedown Litigation
06/17/2009  -  State Supreme Court Ruling Removes Proposition 64 Lid on Frivolous Lawsuits
06/11/2009  -  CalChamber Defends Workers’ Compensation Reforms


06/20/2008  - U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Employer California Law
05/29/2008  -  Supreme Court Affirms No Punitive Damages in Breach of Contract Cases
05/07/2008  -  CalChamber Joins Suit to Protect Federal Oversight of Health Plans
03/28/2008  -  Appeals Court Ruling May Limit Efforts to Control Workers’ Comp Medical Costs
03/04/2008  -  State Supreme Court Finds Supervisors Not Personally Liable for Retaliation
01/25/2008  -  CalChamber Hails Decision from California Supreme Court
01/23/2008  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Limit Abusive Lawsuits


12/07/2007  -  State High Court to Settle Exemption from Wage-and-Hour Rules
11/27/2007  -  U.S. Supreme Court Grants Review of Anti-Employer State Law
11/20/2007  -  U.S. Solicitor General Supports CalChamber Appeal
11/06/2007  -  State Supreme Court OKs Lump Sum Reimbursements
10/29/2007  -  State Supreme Court to Settle Issue of Liability for Retaliation
09/27/2007  -  State Supreme Court Rules Bonus is Money, Not a Deduction
09/25/2007  -  State Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Water Fees
08/01/2007  -  State Court Upholds Limited Use of Old Permanent Disability Rating Schedule
06/19/2007  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect Medical Provider Networks in Workers' Comp
05/24/2007  -  California Supreme Court to Review Telecommunications Permitting Process
05/07/2007  -  State Supreme Court Settles Workers' Comp Apportionment Issue
04/17/2007  -  State High Court Ruling Likely to Increase Employer Liability, Employee Lawsuits
04/05/2007  -  State Supreme Court to Settle Workers' Comp Apportionment Issue
03/15/2007  -  CalChamber Presents Oral Arguments Before State Supreme Court
01/25/2007  -  CalChamber Wins Publication of Key Workers' Comp Opinion
01/22/2007  -  CalChamber Urges Court to Publish Opinion in Workers’ Compensation Case


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