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12/15/2009  -  CalChamber Announces Positions on Tax Proposals
12/08/2009  -  CalChamber Council Finds Downturn in California’s Economy Slowing
11/23/2009  -  Non-Profit Offers Tools to Prevent Early Retirement Scams
11/11/2009  -  Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Bill Protecting Businesses From Meritless Lawsuits
11/03/2009  -  Federal Agency Delays Enforcement Date for 'Red Flags' Rule Again
10/30/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Business: Be Aware of Misleading Solicitation Letters
10/23/2009  -  Small Business Contract Opportunities
10/20/2009  -  CalChamber-Led Coalition Urges Legislature to Address Questions on Net Receipts Tax
10/19/2009  -  A Grim Statistic
10/16/2009  -  Key Tax Changes from Budget Agreements
10/15/2009  -  Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported ‘Job Creator’ Bill
10/02/2009  -  IRS Explains Recovery Tax Credits on YouTube, iTunes
09/30/2009  -  CalChamber: More Analysis Needed on Tax Proposal
09/23/2009  -  CalChamber Council Finds California Economy Still Shrinking
09/21/2009  -  Net Receipts Tax Needs Further Study by Legislature
09/15/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Support of Funding to Enforce Federal Anti-Counterfeiting Act
09/10/2009  -  Senate Leader Calls on Colleagues to Make California’s Economy ‘Top Priority’ in Final Week of Session
09/04/2009  -  CalChamber-Led Coalition Presses for Tax Specifics
09/01/2009  -  California Identifies New Enterprise Zones
08/28/2009  -  Jobs, Economic Impact Key in Review of Tax Proposals
08/27/2009  -  ‘Job Killer’ Bill May Mean New Lawsuits Against Small Businesses
08/24/2009  -  CalChamber, Business Groups Question Harmful Tax Proposals
08/20/2009  -  CalChamber President Urges Legislature to Focus on Economy, Jobs
08/10/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Business to Join Coalition to Protect Enterprise Zone Program
08/05/2009  -  Federal Agency Delays Enforcement Date for 'Red Flags' Rule
07/31/2009  -  Lawsuit Forces Job Losses at Chevron's Richmond Refinery
07/21/2009  -  CalChamber Stops Restrictions on California Retailers
07/14/2009  -  Author Pulls ‘Job Killer’ Bill
07/13/2009  -  Investment Incentives in Recent Budgets Crucial to California Economic Recovery
07/09/2009  -  Opposition Stops Threat to Car Dealerships
07/07/2009  -  Higher Fuel Costs If ‘Job Killer’ Passes
06/26/2009  -  CalChamber on Taxes: ‘Enough Is Enough’
06/22/2009  -  CalChamber-Led Coalition Launches Radio Ads Against Higher Taxes
06/19/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Halt to New Tax Proposals
06/15/2009  -  Recap: $10+ Billion in Tax Hikes, Accelerations for Employers in 2008, 2009 Budget Deals
06/12/2009  -  Budget Solution Hard Task for California Policymakers
06/10/2009  -  New Federal Credit Card Restrictions Signed Into Law
05/27/2009  -  Action Needed to Keep ‘Job Killer’ Bills on Suspense File
05/21/2009  -  CalChamber Chair Calls for Focus on Economy, Jobs
05/18/2009  -  CalChamber Releases 2009 “Job Killer” Bill List
05/15/2009  -  Governor Unveils New Plan to Address Budget Shortfall
05/14/2009  -  Analysis: Health Benefit Mandates Costly
05/13/2009  -  Opposition Stalls Proposal Gutting Job-Creating Enterprise Zone Program
05/11/2009  -  ‘Job Creator’ Proposals Face Committee Hearings
05/06/2009  -  State Agency Targets Unlicensed Business Activity
05/05/2009  -  Small Business Impact Analysis Passes
05/01/2009  -  CalChamber-Supported Bill Offers Economic/Jobs Stimulus
04/28/2009  -  Amendments Qualify New Bill for ‘Job Creator’ List
04/21/2009  -  Governor Praises CalChamber Focus on Job Creation
04/16/2009  -  CalChamber Releases ‘Job Creator’ List
04/15/2009  -  Bill Guts Statewide Local Economic Development Program Bringing Jobs to Distressed Areas
04/07/2009  -  New Internet Taxation Bills Threaten California Technology Sector Jobs, Small Businesses
04/03/2009  -  Fortune Ranks 35 CalChamber Members on ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ List
03/23/2009  -  CalChamber Council: California Economic Downturn Steepens, Like U.S.
03/17/2009  -  Companies Urge Repeal of Unfair Tax Penalty; Lawsuit Filed
03/03/2009  -  Economic Stimulus, Reform Part of Final State Budget
02/19/2009  -  CalChamber President and CEO Issues Statement on Budget
02/13/2009  -  CalChamber Testimony to Tax Commission Economy, Jobs Climate Should Be Priority in Examining California Tax Structure
02/12/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Tax Commission to Make Jobs and Economy First Priority
02/10/2009  -  Legislative Analyst Recommends Nixing Two New Taxes in 2009-10 Budget Proposal
02/05/2009  -  Recession So Far: Not Mildest, Not Worst
02/03/2009  -  CalChamber Issues Statement on New Tax Penalty Law
01/23/2009  -  New Penalty May Mean Tax Bill Thousands, Millions Higher for Some Businesses
01/16/2009  -  Economy Hurts Budget; Stalemate Hurts Economy
01/14/2009  -  Finance Director: California at Brink of Financial Disaster
01/12/2009  -  CalChamber Emphasizes Economic Stimulus Need
01/06/2009  -  CalChamber Council Finds California Facing Same Hardships as U.S.

Environmental / Agriculture

12/16/2009  -  CalChamber Board Votes to Support Water Bond
12/11/2009  -  Record Low Water Allocations Forecast for State Project as Drought Continues
12/02/2009  -  CalChamber Continues Fight for Science-Based Prop. 65 Listings
11/10/2009  -  CalChamber: Mind Economy When Designing ‘Green Chemistry’ Program
10/29/2009  -  Conference to Examine AB 32 Implementation, Federal Implications
10/13/2009  -  Governor Calls Special Session to Address Water Crisis
10/07/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Scientific Research Before Limiting Chemical Use
09/29/2009  -  'Job Creator' Bill Awaits Action by Governor
09/02/2009  -  ‘Job Creator’ Passes Senate Committee
08/31/2009  -  CalChamber Seeks Details on Expenses for Air Board Implementation of AB 32
08/19/2009  -  Prop. 65 List: CalChamber Fights for Scientific Process
08/12/2009  -  Study: AB 32 Implementation Will Cost Small Businesses Almost $50,000
08/07/2009  -  CalChamber Names Callahan as Environmental Issues Policy Advocate
07/06/2009  -  CalChamber Stops Climate Change Tax Increase
06/29/2009  -  Energy Conversion Could Boost Jobs, Investment
06/04/2009  -  ‘Green’ Energy Bill Joins ‘Job Creator’ List
06/03/2009  -  CalChamber Identifies New ‘Job Killer’ Bill
04/23/2009  -  Opposition Stops Bill Hampering State Energy/Water Supply
04/06/2009  -  State Bill Nixes Secret Ballot for Farm Unions
03/18/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Changes to Energy Bill
02/25/2009  -  Implementation of Green Chemistry Program to Require Cooperation, Patience
02/20/2009  -  Proposal for New Federal Ocean Policy Has Broad Implications for California Firms
02/11/2009  -  Business Participation Vital as State Starts Green Chemistry ‘Wiki’ Site
01/15/2009  -  Delta Vision Final Report Submitted to Governor, Legislature

Human Resources / Health & Safety

12/24/2009  -  Mandatory Changes Mean New Posters Must Be Displayed for 2010
12/14/2009  -  Conference Call Set to Explain New Workers’ Comp Assessment
12/03/2009  -  CalChamber Releases List of New Laws Affecting Businesses in 2010
12/01/2009  -  Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deadline Approaching
11/30/2009  -  Court: Restricted Stock Options Not ‘Earned But Unpaid Wages’
11/24/2009  -  Gold Medals for CalChamber Members Recognize Promotion of Employee Fitness
11/20/2009  -  CalChamber to Offer Seminars on 2010 Labor/Employment Laws
11/19/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Additional Flexibility in Shade Requirements for Outdoor Workers
11/18/2009  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect Businesses from Additional Wage-and-Hour Lawsuits
11/16/2009  -  New Law Expands Federal Family Leave Scope for Employees Caring for Military Members
11/12/2009  -  CalChamber Offers On-Demand Seminar on 2010 New Laws
11/05/2009  -  Workplace Poster Needs Updating Due to EEOC Notice Change
11/04/2009  -  CalChamber Keeps California Companies Competitive; New Partnership With ETP Will Facilitate Training for Thousands of Employees Statewide
10/27/2009  -  “No-Match” Rule Rescinded
10/09/2009  -  Local Chambers Set Record in Compliance Product Resale Program
10/01/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Businesses to Participate in Earthquake Preparedness Drill
09/24/2009  -  CalChamber Seeks Veto of Bill Unreasonably Expanding Liability in Workplace Lawsuits
09/17/2009  -  Deadline Approaching for Employers to File EEOC Form
09/16/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Governor to Veto ‘Job Killer’ That Hampers Employment Decisions
09/11/2009  -  Small Firms Can Seek Reimbursement for Workers’ Comp Returnees
09/03/2009  -  Governor Vetoes ‘Job Killer’ Bill
08/26/2009  -  CalChamber Appeals to State High Court to Help Resolve Meal Period Rules
08/14/2009  -  2009 Likely Deadline to Complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
08/06/2009  -  CalChamber Offers Businesses New Resource to Protect Customers' Credit Card Data
08/03/2009  -  CalChamber Offers Free Web Seminar on Sexual Harassment Prevention
07/27/2009  -  CalChamber Offers Free Web Seminar on Heat Illness Prevention
07/17/2009  -  Administration Supports Mandatory Use of E-Verify for Federal Contractors
07/16/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Businesses to Prepare for Warm Weather
07/01/2009  -  Cal/OSHA to Turn Attention to Shade Rules
06/24/2009  -  ‘Job Killer’ Bill Hampers Employment Decisions
06/23/2009  -  Targeted Tax Bill Threatens to Erode Health Care Coverage
06/18/2009  -  CalChamber Urges More Effective Enforcement of Heat Illness Regulations
06/16/2009  -  Tripling of UI Tax Boosts Hiring Costs for State Employers
06/11/2009  -  CalChamber Defends Workers’ Compensation Reforms
06/09/2009  -  E-Verify Mandate for Federal Contractors Delayed Again
05/28/2009  -  CalChamber Reminds Employers to Train Employees to Prevent Heat Illness
05/08/2009  -  Fit Business Awards Applications Available
05/07/2009  -  California Supreme Court Rejects Case, Protects Reforms
04/30/2009  -  Testimony on ‘Job Creator’ Bill Highlights Needs for Workplace Flexibility
04/29/2009  -  CalChamber Sponsors Flexible Workweek Bill
04/20/2009  -  CalChamber-Sponsored Flexible Workweek Bill in Committee Next Week
04/17/2009  -  Sick Leave Mandate Set for Committee Hearing
04/10/2009  -  Live Web Seminar on Alternative Workweeks Available from CalBizCentral
04/09/2009  -  Bill Extends Time Limit for Filing Workplace Lawsuits
03/26/2009  -  CalBizCentral Live Web Seminars Outlines Qualifying Leaves of Absence for Employees
03/25/2009  -  New COBRA Form to Notify Employees of Continuation Health Coverage, Subsidy
03/16/2009  -  Live Web Seminar on Payroll Deductions Available from CalBizCentral
03/13/2009  -  Labor Commissioner Covers Compliance Issues for Tough Times in CalChamber Web Interview
03/10/2009  -  California Court of Appeal Upholds Workers’ Compensation Reforms
02/24/2009  -  CalChamber Experts Answer Questions About Layoff, Downsizing Issues
02/02/2009  -  CalChamber Clarifies Instructions for Use of I-9 Forms for New Hires
01/29/2009  -  CalBizCentral Makes Available Web Seminar on Layoffs and Downsizing Issues
01/28/2009  -  Court Clarifies Use of Disclaimer for Minor Drug Offenses on Employment Applications
01/26/2009  -  CalChamber Reminds Employers to Post Job-Related Injuries Log
01/22/2009  -  Mandatory Changes for 2009 Workplace Posters
01/20/2009  -  Legislation Seeks to Increase Costs for Near-Insolvent Unemployment Fund
01/13/2009  -  CalChamber Reminds Employers of Sexual Harassment Training Deadline
01/09/2009  -  Court Rules California Overtime Laws Apply to Non-Residents
01/07/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Congress to Protect Workers’ Right to Secret Ballot
01/05/2009  -  CalBizCentral to Conduct Free Web Seminar on Layoff Do’s and Don’ts Jan. 7

Infrastructure / Education


12/22/2009  -  Obama Administration Signals Intent to Pursue Trans-Pacific Partnership
11/06/2009  -  CalChamber Receives President’s Export Award
10/21/2009  -  CalChamber Hosts Governor of Baja California
09/28/2009  -  CalChamber Visits Chile to Promote Trade/Investment
09/18/2009  -  CalChamber Hosts New Canadian Consul General
09/14/2009  -  CalChamber to U.S. Trade Representative: U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Critical to Economy
08/25/2009  -  CalChamber Reveals Remodeled International Trade Website
08/13/2009  -  U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement: U.S. Trade Representative Seeking Comments
07/30/2009  -  CalChamber Hosts Delegation from Germany
06/30/2009  -  Japanese Business Leaders Discuss Trade at CalChamber-Hosted Luncheon Gathering
06/08/2009  -  Federal Proposal Increases Taxes On U.S. Companies Doing Business Overseas
05/12/2009  -  Vote Nears on U.S.-Panama Trade Pact
04/14/2009  -  CalChamber Coalition to President: Resolve Cross-Border Trucking Dispute with Mexico
04/02/2009  -  CalChamber to New Commerce Secretary: Export Assistance Important to Recovery
03/20/2009  -  CalChamber Outlines Trade Priorities for Newly Confirmed U.S. Trade Official
03/06/2009  -  New Exporting Guide Provides Essential Trade Tips
03/04/2009  -  California Business, State’s Leadership in Technology on Display at World’s Largest Technology Trade Fair
01/08/2009  -  Profiles in Trade: Taking Global View of Operations Key to Success of Blue Diamond Growers

Public Affairs / Politics

12/23/2009  -  California Chamber of Commerce Endorses Denham for AD 25
12/21/2009  -  Citizens Redistricting Commission Now Accepting Applications
12/17/2009  -  CalChamber Board Announces Positions on Proposed Political Reform Initiatives
12/10/2009  -  CalChamber, Local Business Community Endorses Jeff Gorell for AD 37
12/07/2009  -  CalChamber Elects 2010 Board Officers
11/25/2009  -  Deadline Near for Local Chamber Recognition Award
11/17/2009  -  CalChamber Hosts Workshop on Political Action/Independent Expenditure Committees
11/13/2009  -  Small Business Advocate of Year Award: Landscaper Works Tirelessly to Affect Action on Water, Other State/Local Issues
11/09/2009  -  CalChamber Issues Vote Record on Major Business Bills
11/02/2009  -  CalChamber Public Affairs Council Retreat Offers Key Insights on Reforming California
10/28/2009  -  CalChamber Public Affairs Council Retreat Offers Key Insights on 2010 Initiative Reform Measures, Gubernatorial/Legislative Elections
10/26/2009  -  CalChamber Reports Final Status of Major Business Bills
10/22/2009  -  State Auditor Encourages Business Interest in Citizens Redistricting Commission
10/14/2009  -  CalChamber Public Affairs to Host Webcast on Redistricting Commission Featuring State Auditor
10/12/2009  -  Governor Vetoes All CalChamber Identified ‘Job Killers’; Signs Two ‘Job Creators’
10/08/2009  -  CalChamber Files Brief Supporting Governor’s Authority to Help Control State Spending
10/06/2009  -  CalChamber Urges Governor to Help Prevent New Lawsuits Against Small Businesses
10/05/2009  -  CalChamber Goes to Court to Protect Businesses from Frivolous Lawsuits
09/25/2009  -  Riverside Public Affairs Consultant ‘Modernizes’ Political Activity of Chamber
09/22/2009  -  'Job Killer' Bills Awaiting Action by Governor
09/08/2009  -  ‘Job Killer’ Bills Still Moving in Final Week of Session
08/18/2009  -  Vote Record: Legislators Ax Job Creators, Give Approval to Many ‘Job Killer’ Bills
08/11/2009  -  CalChamber Saddened by News of Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Passing
08/04/2009  -  Governor Signs CalChamber-Supported Bill
07/29/2009  -  CalChamber Opposes Flawed ‘Card Check’ Proposal
07/28/2009  -  CalChamber Reports on Status of Major Business Bills
07/10/2009  -  State Supreme Court Rules to Protect Businesses From Abusive Lawsuits
07/08/2009  -  Governor Vetoes Independent Contractor Withholding Mandate
07/02/2009  -  Governor Vetoes CalChamber Opposed Internet Taxation Proposal
06/25/2009  -  CalChamber Urges State Supreme Court to Protect Businesses Against Shakedown Litigation
06/17/2009  -  State Supreme Court Ruling Removes Proposition 64 Lid on Frivolous Lawsuits
06/05/2009  -  CalChamber Saddened by Passing of Jack Henning
06/02/2009  -  CalChamber Opposition Helps Stop 'Job Killer' Bills
06/01/2009  -  CalChamber Public Affairs Council Retreat Offers Industry Insight on Special Election
05/22/2009  -  13 Local Chambers Attain President's Circle
05/20/2009  -  California Voters Reject Five of Six Special Election Ballot Measures
05/19/2009  -  Five Receive CalChamber Small Business Advocate of the Year Award
05/04/2009  -  CalChamber Board Chair Fred Ruiz To Be Honored by State Latino Legislative Caucus
04/24/2009  -  Summit Breakouts: Political Networking, HR Guidelines
04/22/2009  -  Action Needed to Hold Bad Bills in Policy Committee
04/13/2009  -  Second Gubernatorial Candidate Slotted to Speak at Summit
04/01/2009  -  Gubernatorial Hopeful to Address CalChamber Business Summit
03/31/2009  -  Deadline Approaching for Advocate Award Nominees
03/30/2009  -  Prop. 1A to Help Stabilize California Fiscal Picture
03/24/2009  -  Business Summit Speakers to Spotlight Pressing Issues Facing California, U.S.
03/11/2009  -  Congress Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Workers’ Right to Secret Ballot
03/05/2009  -  E-Verify Program Amendments Excluded From Stimulus Package
02/26/2009  -  Secretary of State Assigns Special Election Ballot Proposition Numbers
02/18/2009  -  SB 1608 Disability Access Law Reform: How Does It Help Business Owners?
02/17/2009  -  New State Disability Access Law Reforms Help Business: Free Seminar Explains How
02/09/2009  -  New Federal Law Increases Employer Liability Exposure
02/06/2009  -  Small Business Advocate of Year Award: Riverside Business Owner Uses Local Experience in Tackling State Issue
02/04/2009  -  CalChamber 2009 Policy Agenda Now Posted on Web
01/27/2009  -  Assembly Releases Committee Assignments for 2009-10 Session

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