Governor Signs All Job Creator Bills Sent to His Desk

(October 3, 2012) Goveror Edmund G. Brown Jr. has signed the eight job creator bills passed by the Legislature in the closing days of the session.

This year the California Chamber of Commerce identified 34 job creator bills; nine were sent to the Governor and signed into law.

September 30 was the last day for the Governor to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature shortly before it adjourned on August 31.

The Governor recently signed the following job creator bills:

The Governor signed the following job creator bill earlier this year:

AB 1073 (Fuentes; D-Sylmar) Project Streamlining — Promotes the use of cost-efficient energy by allowing a solar facility to convert from solar thermal technology to photovoltaic technology without having to file a new application. Signed by Governor, 5/23/12—Chapter 14 (urgency).

These bills are consistent with the goals of the CalChamber 2012 Renew Agenda and will help position California for economic recovery.