CalChamber Coalition for Pension Reform

New Installment of CalChamber News Released

The California Chamber of Commerce has launched the CalChamber Coalition for Pension Reform to urge legislators to support the pension reform principles Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced in October 2011.

California Pension Reform Facts

  • Governor Brown and legislative leaders have said their top priority before the end of session is to reform our “broken pension system.” As pension costs rise, funding for higher education, parks, courts and social services is crowded out. It is important for state leaders to heed the Governor’s advice to “do something real” on pensions.
  • Pension costs are the fastest-growing expenditure for city and county governments. In 1999, pension costs were 4.1% of aggregate municipal spending; by 2011, that figure had more than doubled to 9.6%. Between 1999 and 2010, pension spending grew at 11.4% per year, twice the growth rate for education, public safety, parks, health and sanitation. According to the Los Angeles Times, this will mean “more layoffs or pay cuts for public employees, higher taxes, fewer services, or all of the above.”
  • Voters in three of the four largest cities in the state—San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco—have approved sweeping reforms to their employees’ pension plans. Other cities, large and small, are prepared to follow suit to avoid the fate of Stockton and San Bernardino, two cities that have recently declared bankruptcy.
  • The CalChamber Coalition for Pension Reform believes that Governor Brown’s proposal is an important first step toward pension reform. Much more needs to be done to fix our broken pension system, but this plan is an important step in the right direction and a clear sign to Californians that the issue is being taken seriously.
CalChamber Coalition for Pension Reform

Sign Statement of Principles

CalChamber is urging businesses to sign and return to CalChamber the Statement of Principles to express support of each element of Governor Brown’s pension reform package, as introduced on October 27, 2011. Email the signed form to or fax to 916.325.1273

Urge Legislators to Sign Statement of Principles

CalChamber is also urging legislators to support the pension reform principles. Send a letter to your legislators and ask them to sign the Governor’s pension reform proposal.

Additional Material

CalChamber Coalition for Pension Reform news release

Statement of Principles

News Release: Governor Brown Unveils Pension Reform Plan

The Governor's Plan can be found here.

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More California Cities at Risk of Bankruptcy, Says One of Nation's Top Credit Rating Agencies
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