Dry. Very dry. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that California is facing near drought-like conditions as we move into 2014. The Department of Water Resources (DWR) in early January listed many reservoirs at less than 40% of capacity, which is well below what will be needed for the water year. Folsom Lake was at 18% of its 977,000 acre-foot capacity. That’s so low that the outskirts of an old Gold Rush-era mining town were exposed. Shasta Reservoir and Lake Oroville were at 36% of their 4.5 million acre-feet and 3.5 million acre-feet respective capacities. San Luis Reservoir was at 30% of its 2 million acre-foot capacity. Those figures add up to a year that may call for severe water rationing. Water


Encourage responsible water quality goals and water development policies to meet the increasing demand for reliable water supplies.

Conservation and Education

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and the California Department of Water Resources have partnered to develop and carry out the Save Our Water program. A "Words to Save By" blog was added in 2012. 

Major Victories

  • Keeping California Moving Toward Water Reliability. Preserved ability for voters to consider a legislative and bond package putting the state on a pathway to long-term water supply reliability and ensuring a safe drinking water supply (AB 1265). Instrumental in developing that package in 2009 (SBX7 1, SBX7 2, SBX7 6, SBX7 7, SBX7 8).


The California Chamber of Commerce supports a comprehensive solution to California’s chronic water shortage. It is vitally important that all Californians have an adequate and reliable source of water while safeguarding the environment. Developing additional water supplies and conveyance facilities can no longer be postponed without subjecting the state to long-term economic damage. One serious earthquake or a series of Delta levee failures could leave millions of people and businesses without a water supply for the foreseeable future.

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