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The national recession officially ended in June 2009, but California remains stuck in the economic doldrums: unemployment has been above 11% for more than two years. The state lost 1.3 million jobs since the recession started, and over the past year, since the state hit rock bottom, only regained about 320,000, or an average of about 23,000 a month.

Pillars of Economic Recovery

The California Chamber of Commerce has developed a detailed policy agenda for carrying out these pillars of economic recovery. These proposals can serve as a foundation for the Legislature and Governor in 2012 to position California for an economic recovery.

  1. Reduce the regulatory and litigation costs of hiring new employees and keeping them on the job, and provide more flexibility in the law for both employers and workers.
  2. Ensure certainty and stability of private investments in plants, equipment and technology by streamlining permitting, rationalizing regulations and reducing unnecessary litigation.
  3. Enact a fair, predictable and nondiscriminatory tax structure.
  4. Invest in public and private works that provide the backbone for economic growth.
  5. Provide a world class education to prepare high school students for work or college, and support public colleges and universities in their student preparation and technology innovation missions.

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